A1G 2290 Series: Tank Cars, Three Dome

Just like the one dome and/or "chemical" tank cars in Series 2260, these cars were made by two different OEMs!

The first three cars in this group were made by Roco in Austria for Atlas, and included an interesting error-- the reporting marks on the 2292 Texaco are reversed. No, you don't have a rare collectible variation if the car is marked "TXC" instead of "TCX"-- you have the standard issue A1G car. There is variation in the lettering on that car, as it had both "thick" and "thin" versions of the Texaco name, but you've got to look close to see that difference. Wingard reports that there are two numbers for this car, 2266 (shown) and 2286. These cars are the ones illustrated in the image from the Atlas Catalog above.

The original Roco body styles appeared in Yugoslavia ("borrowed," perhaps?) and are still available from Model Power in some "interesting" roadnames like "TankTrain". At least the reporting marks are fixed on their version of the Texaco! Life-Like, Industrial Rail and others have also issued the same or similar three dome cars. The frames on the Roco one dome and three dome cars appear to be identical.

The Rivarossi version is something else again. Like its version of the chemical tank car, it's longer and leaner. The add-on ladder is only three rungs and doesn't reach to the molded-on platform. Of the quartet, the Deep-Rock is probably the most difficult one to come by. Rivarossi issued these cars on its own after it stopped supplying them to Atlas, and one could still see these, especially the 2295 DuPont, in its multi-car packs. By the way, the printing on the 2295 DuPont is exactly the same as it is on the 2265 chemical tank car. As with the Roco cars, the frames on these and the one dome chemical tank cars appear to be the same.

Key spotting features for this car are:
- black plastic underframe stamped "Atlas Austria" (2291-2293) or just "Atlas" (2294-2297)
- short larger diameter tank with seperate ladder reaching molded on platform (2291-2293)
- longer smaller diameter tank with seperate ladder not reaching molded in platform (2294-2297)
- short stirrups at each corner of car (all #s)
- separate vertical brake wheel (2291-2264) or horizontal brake wheel in assembly (2265-2268)

Note: The following information on conditions and "Approximate Value" prices are intended to be a guideline only and is presented with no warranties, express or implied. Caution: Definitions and prices can and do vary with collectors, buyers and sellers, and, of course, whether a person is buying or selling an item. That's the way a "free market" works...

A 2290 A1G series car in "as manufactured" or "AM" condition has:
- all four stirrups intact
- frame intact and not bent, with brake wheel attached (vertical on 2291-2293, horizontal in assembly on 2294-2297)
- ladders (to top of platform on 2291-2293, three rung not reaching platform on 2294-2297) intact and not bent
- no weathering
- no abrasions, scratches or other damage to the paint
- the original trucks with the original metal wheels which were fitted to the axles
- "Rapido" type couplers, truck mounted (this is a case where changing to Micro-Trains® trucks and/or couplers is not a plus!).
Note that minor paint flaws on these cars were common and should not be considered especially "collectible"; in fact, I'd rather have a "perfect" paint job.

A 2290 A1G series car in "mint in box" or "MIB," meets all "As Manufactured" criteria plus:
- no dust, dirt or wear on the car itself
- no wear on wheels (although discolored wheels are common)
- kept in the original Atlas box
- box itself is intact with no cracks, breakage or crazing, with original Atlas label (usually white with black printing), plastic liner (usually blue), and cover. Both inserts and labels vary as the A1G series was sold for years. Store price stickers may or may not detract depending on the placement, size and wear.

There are no approximate values for "runner" 2290 A1G series cars.

Roco Manufactured Releases:
Where available, click on "Image" to popup an image of the actual car.
Catalog # Popup
Description AV
2291Image SCCX 1245Orange/Black Lettering, Large Red "Shell" Center3-54-6
2292aImage TXC 2266Silver/Black, "thin" Texaco across4-76-8
2292bImage TXC 2266Silver/Black, "thick" Texaco across3-54-6
2293Image SVX 1442Brown/Black and White Lettering, "Mobilgas" Center4-65-8

Rivarossi Manufactured Releases:
Where available, click on "Image" to popup an image of the actual car.
Catalog # Popup
Description AV
2294Image DRX 207Black/Orange, "Deep-Rock" Center5-87-10
2295Image SHPX 3246Silver/Red and Black, DuPont Logo L
Same Paint as 2265 Chemical Tank
2296Image WRNX 14502Blue/White, Red and Orange Gulf Logo R5-87-10
2297Image SHPX 7744Red/White, Union Starch and Refining
"Quality Products from Corn"

AV = Approximate Value (US$ range)
AM = As Manufactured (see above)
MIB = Mint In Box (see above)
Abbreviations: Hld=Herald, R/N=Roadname, L/R=Left/Right Side of Car