A1G 2303: NYMX Road Number 1020 Variation

A big "Thank You" to Edward Bridges for providing the scans of this apparently scarce variation on the A1G 2303 car, which is part of the 2300 series of 50 foot mechanical refrigerator cars. The typical version, and in fact the one in the A1G accumulation and website, is the NYMX 1000. But this one, the NYMX 1020, is noticably different. Have a look:

Here are the two versions together with the NYMX 1020 at the bottom.

Close up of the left side of the door. Note the spacing of the lettering including printing directly over the ribs and the wide spacing between the "NY" and "MX", which didn't happen in the NYMX 1000. Perhaps the spacing was meant to enable skipping over of the rib, but obviously that didn't occur!

Close up of the right side of the door. Again, printing is right over the ribs versus spaced to miss them on the NYMX 1000.

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