A1G 2360 Series: Box Cars, 40 Foot, Wood, Single Sheathed

These wood box cars are known as "single sheathed", technically and "outside braced," untechnically (sufficiently to set the teeth of some purists on edge). They've never been the most popular body style on any manufacturer's roster, but despite that, Atlas marketed eight separate roadnames; no other series had more. Initially, Rivarossi manufactured these cars in Italy for Atlas. Note that they're not listed in the Atlas 1967-68 catalog; but the below image from the Atlas/Rivarossi catalog for 1971-72 shows four of the cars. The molds were copied several times over for releases from other manufacturers.

Beginning in the mid-2000's, Atlas released a much more detailed and finely modeled series of wood boxcars in several different varieties, which have easily eclipsed these cars, pretty much relegating them to the accumulators and historians.

Meanwhile, these A1G cars weren't exactly eye-catchers versus other body styles. Then again, most single sheathed box cars weren't on the prototype either. As you might expect, they're not hard to find; the toughest one for me was the CB&Q and it didn't take a whole lot of searching.

Caution: In the case of the last four catalog numbers, make darn sure that these are the Atlas versions; look for that "Atlas" underneath. The C&IM, GN, CB&Q and Muncie & Western were all done for Life-Like as well in nearly identical paint schemes (I still recall that Life-Like's label for the Burlington read "CB&O" and not "CB&Q"). In addition, Bachmann did a C&IM on a different style of single sheathed car at around the same time. Finally, Roco did a single sheathed car but did not use the same mold as the Atlas car; I mention this here because Roco did a number of other cars for the A1G series, but not this one.

Further Caution: In the case of most of these roads, Rivarossi took over marketing of some copies of these cars as well, removing the "Atlas" name from the underframe first. You can still find some of these in multi-packs sold under the Rivarossi name as late as the late 1990's. So check the bottom of the car before you accumulate!

Key spotting features for this car are:
- underframe stamped "Atlas" in the center left of the underframe (there's no country indicated on these)
- somewhat shorter in height than a standard steel box car (but don't compare them to the 2380's which are also shorter than the usual!)
- a six foot "narrow rib" door
- original trucks with wheels pressed on seperate axles and Rapido couplers, attached with "foldover" metal strips

None of these cars are particularly scarce, or have any variations to speak of. They are very common and even today are found in dark corners of hobby stores in original boxes. Even though there are eight roadnames, this is probably one of the easiest series to complete. None of the 2360's have any significant value as "runners".

See the 2200 Series Page for grading explanations and caveats.

Table of Releases: Where available, click on "Image" to popup an image of the actual car.
Catalog # Popup
Description AV
2361Image NP 38572 Box Car Red/White, Semicircle Roadname R3-44-6
2362Image D&RGW 3949Black/Yellow, "Rio Grande" R3-44-6
2363Image PRR 39857 Box Car Red/White, Circle Keystone R3-44-6
2364Image SAL 15412 Box Car Red/White, Seaboard Roadname R3-44-6
2365Image C&IM 8045 Yellow, Black Roof/Black, Diamond Herald R
Chicago & Illinois Midland
2366Image GN 31406 Dark Box Car Red/White, Small Goat Herald R3-44-6
2367Image CB&Q 28008Dark Box Car Red/White, "Everywhere West" R3-44-6
2368Image MWR 1293 Yellow, Black Roof/Black, "The Ball Line" R
Muncie & Western

AV = Approximate Value (US$ range)
AM = As Manufactured (see above)
MIB = Mint In Box (see above)
Abbreviations: Hld=Herald, R/N=Roadname, L/R=Left/Right Side of Car