A1G 2400 Series: Gondola, Steel, 40 Foot

This is another body style that has made the rounds, although not quite as many as a couple of other cars. Although Rivarossi first made these cars for Atlas, Roco revived this mold (or a similar one) for a time in the 1980's and output a couple of interesting road names including a car for the Erie. Rivarossi-branded cars occassionally still show up in their freight car sets, so as usual, be looking for the "Atlas" stamp on the underside of the car before you accumulate. Be especially careful with the 2404 Southern gon. Bachmann made one too, though it's got a much smaller road name. AHM marketed one too, but it's on a 45 foot gondola, noticably longer than the A1G release.

Atlas apparently brought over the design to the USA, and before reintroducing this gondola in improved form (and with cement containers), did a "one and a halfth generation" cars, also have included here.

The Wabash and Rock Island A1.5G gondolas are fairly difficult to find and the Approximate Values reflect this. Wingard's book lists roadnames Chicago & Illinois Midland, Baltimore & Ohio, and Soo Line as having never been produced. I also am wondering whether 2402b, the second Union Pacific road number, really belongs in that 1 1/2th Generation and not where I have it. I'll leave it as an A1G until I find contradictory evidence.

The original quartet includes a sentimental favorite car. That would be the 2403 Jersey Central (CNJ) release, since at the time I got my first Atlas train set, that was the closest prototype line from me. Our house was just two blocks east of the CNJ's line that ran from Elizabethport to Perth Amboy, still alive and well and quite busy as the "Chemical Coast Line" of the Conrail Shared Assets area operated jointly by CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Key spotting features for this car are:
- underside stamped "Atlas" (no country of origin)
- eight panel sides with inside walls smooth with the exception of three ribs on each side
- steel floor (some similiar non-A1G cars have simulated wood floors)
- no load, simulated coal or otherwise
- original trucks with wheels pressed on seperate axles and Rapido couplers, attached with "foldover" metal strips

Note: The following information on conditions and "Approximate Value" prices are intended to be a guideline only and is presented with no warranties, express or implied. Caution: Definitions and prices can and do vary with collectors, buyers and sellers, and, of course, whether a person is buying or selling an item. That's the way a "free market" works...

A 2400 series car in "as manufactured" or "AM" condition has:
- all four stirrups intact
- brake wheel in place with no breakage or bending
- no coal load permanently attached (!)
- no weathering
- no abrasions, scratches or other damage to the paint
- the original trucks with the original metal wheels which were fitted to the axles
- "Rapido" type couplers, truck mounted (this is a case where changing to Micro-Trains® trucks and/or couplers is not a plus!).
Note that minor paint flaws on these cars were common and should not be considered especially "collectible"; in fact, I'd rather have a "perfect" paint job.

A 2400 series car in "mint in box" or "MIB," meets all "As Manufactured" criteria plus:
- no dust, dirt or wear on the car itself
- no wear on wheels (although discolored wheels are common)
- kept in the original Atlas box
- box itself is intact with no cracks, breakage or crazing, with original Atlas label (usually white with black printing), plastic liner (usually blue), and cover. Both inserts and labels vary as the A1G series was sold for years. Store price stickers may or may not detract depending on the placement, size and wear.

There are no approximate values for A1G "runner" 2400 series cars.

Table of Releases: Where available, click on "Image" to popup an image of the actual car.
Catalog # Popup
Description AV
2401Image BM 9704 Blue/White, B+M Herald Center4-65-7
2402aImage UP 60900Brown/Yellow, Roadname Across4-65-7
2402bImage UP 60205Brown/White, Roadname Across4-65-7
2403Image CNJ 89224 Black/White, Liberty Herald Center4-65-7
2404Image SOU 2207 Silver/Red, Large Roadname Across4-65-7
"One and a halfth generation" cars:
2405Image WAB 14835 Black/White, Roadname Across, Flag Herald R6-88-10
2406Image RI 80306 BCR/White, Roadname Across6-88-10

AV = Approximate Value (US$ range)
AM = As Manufactured (see above)
MIB = Mint In Box (see above)
Abbreviations: Hld=Herald, R/N=Roadname, L/R=Left/Right Side of Car