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This site is, hopefully, a worthy adjunct to George Irwin's A1G rolling stock and Ross Fink's A1G kit and train set art sites.

With renewed interest in N scale model railroading in late 1966 and into 1967, Atlas Tool Company of Hillside, New Jersey began importing and distributing an extensive line of N scale trains, track, and accessories into the United States from Europe as an addition to their highly successful line of HO products. Among the new offerings were two diesel locomotives which were, some might argue, a little unusual for initial entries. These were a model of Electro Motive Division's E8/E9 and a model of Fairbanks-Morse's CPA-20-5 "C-Liner" with the six-wheel rear truck. They were manufactured by Rivarossi in Italy and were the beginning of what would become a fairly extensive line of locomotives from Atlas. To view these two initial releases as shown in Atlas' 1967 catalog, click on the thumbnail:  

Yet to come were four diesel models and one steam model from Mehanotehnika in Yugoslavia and four different steam models from Rivarossi. These eleven locomotives would comprise the first generation of N scale locomotives from Atlas Tool Company in the late 1960s and very early 1970s.

After much thought, I have decided to include the Cow and Calf switchers in the A1G group. I base my decision on them being manufactured by Rivarossi (the last loco Rivarossi would make for Atlas) using the same basic motor as the other A1G Rivarossis. Also, they were originally announced as available in the June 1970 Model Rairoader New Products section of the magazine (well within the A1G period) although it wasn't until March 1971 Atlas advertised them as "New For 1971" in their ad. In addition, my example has a manufacturing date of March, 1970 (again, well within the A1G period). I just feel they belong in the A1G locomotives. So, the total now becomes twelve locomotives before Atlas started sourcing from Roco (which is the main reason for that being a more logical place to make a distinction between A1G and later motive power).

Although I don't own every roadname of every model, I do have at least an example of each one (except for a Calf) and include images of these on this site. Also, concentration is on the US releases although I do include a page at least listing Atlas A1G locos from the rest of the world.

Atlas is still very much in business today having changed their name to Atlas Model Railroad Company some years ago. They are one of the premier N scale manufacturers in the world. Here is a link to their site:

I include information and technical articles to assist in identifying iterations and restoring them to operation.

There are also several pages dedicated to Lone Star Treble-O-Lectric trains as these are what I started with in 1962 and there appeared to be a need on the internet for coverage of these wonderful trains.

A1G Locomotives! Articles
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0-6-0 STEAM LOCOs Treble-O-Lectric Railways
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SW1500 COWs and CALFs Miscellaneous Treble-O Information

Links to the other three essential sites

George Irwin's site has all the information you need to collect the first generation Atlas rolling stock complete with images of each car. He includes the three series of passenger cars.

George's A1G Site

Ross Fink's first page documents the cars that were available as kits, most of which were later added to the RTR line. He also includes images of each car, even photos of them in their unassembled state.

His second page has images of several of the original Atlas N scale train set box covers and inside packaging. True works of beauty (well, to us fans, anyway)!

His third page shows the artwork of the first generation building kit packaging, both the early white boxes and later orange boxes.

Ross' A1.5G Kit Site

Ross' A1G Train Set Art

Ross' A1G Building Kit Art

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