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George J. Irwin
George was born and until 1989 resided in New Jersey. What exit? Well, 12, why do you ask? A city boy originally, George was a suburbanite for 20 years, then headed to the Great White North of Western New York for a graduate degree, eight plus years in Corporate America and then five years as a Senior Consultant with a small software company, that, well, almost could. A forced vacation was followed by a new position in a new industry since late 2005, with new challenges and new accomplishments.

George is the fourth Irwin in a row to have that first name, however, all four Georges received different middle names. George's great-grandfather worked for the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, and his grandfather for the Railway Express Agency, which kind of makes for a genetic predisposition to trains! Living across the street from a main freight line of the Pennsylvania Railroad sealed his fate.

George is the author of the Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report, or just UMTRR for short, which combines his interest in trains with his interest in writing. See that here. George is an "accumulator" of N Scale, "accumulator" being defined as "someone who has more trains than can fit on the layout at one time." This accumulation includes the complete set of the "first generation" of Atlas N Scale freight car rolling stock which was imported to the USA and sold by Atlas Tool Company (now Atlas Model Railroad Company) starting in the late 1960's. Click here. George also contributes to print magazines on the same subjects of Micro-Trains and early N Scale.

On the actual model railroading front, George is occassionally working on building the Wilmington and New York Railroad, a freelanced line set in 1963 in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The W&NY's connections include the New York Central and the Delaware and Husdon. See that here. George has been in N Scale since 1969, when he and his brother Stephen each received a train set-- in an unsuccessful attempt to keep them away from their father's HO Scale layout!

The other half of the UMTRR is writing, and George also writes short fiction and essays on life from the 1970's to today. He occasionally reads these in public and so far has escaped injury at these events. You can read some of George's "installments" here on the site via Irwin's Journal Online, here.

George also enjoys travel and music. See the links page for references to a few of George's favorite acts.

Rosemary Irwin (nee Lazarus)
Rosemary is originally from San Jose, California-- which is a long way from the Great White North... on several attributes... She's also lived in Connecticut, Oregon, and New York City. Rosemary was involved in the Children's Musical Theatre of San Jose, starring in the play Once Upon A Mattress (after Carol Burnett but before Sarah Jessica Parker) and making appearances in several other productions. Rosemary is a stay at home mom, a profession of which we are all proud. It's well more than a full time "job"-- perhaps "24/7" would be a closer approximation!

Rosemary has literature in her blood. Her fiction earned her a nod as an "emerging writer" by a local arts organization. She loves "free writes." What's that? Well, pick any word on this page and then write about what ever comes to mind for the next ten minutes, and you'll have the idea... What's her next idea? Stay tuned...

Rosemary has three sisters, two back in the Bay Area, and one in Spain. She has three nephews and one niece, and family all over the United States. Her favorite musical acts include Paul Simon, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Sting, and local duo The Jazzabels.

Robert Kieran Irwin
Kieran is a Gaelic name meaning "little dark haired one" and while it's an unusual name in the United States, it's a common name in Ireland where both Rosemary and George can trace part of their heritage. Kieran enjoys reading, comics (reading and drawing) and designing video games, which is what he'd like to do for a living someday.

Stories about Kieran are on Irwin's Journal Online, click here.

Thalia Elizabeth Irwin
The unusual and beautiful name Thalia has been in Rosemary's family for generations. Technically, Thalia is one of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology. But for Rosemary, it is a name that reminds her of great strength and courage in the face of adversity. Elizabeth is after Elizabeth Bennett, heroine of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice which has more than a little significance in Rosemary and George's relationship.

As with Kieran, Thalia has several stories available on Irwin's Journal Online, click here.

Thalia and Kieran now share The Photo Page and you're invited to watch our children grow with us.

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