Colleen's Corner: Introduction
©2019, Colleen Irwin. All rights reserved.

It is rather daunting to write for someone else's online journal. George and I have been friends for over thirty years and both of us have unique writing styles. I have my own blog. Careful, he clearly doesn't have a blog, yet his writings are completely his own, just as mine have been on my site. When we changed the dynamics of our relationship to that of lovers we started talking about me writing on Irwin's Journal. It wasn't until I became his wife, that I was ready to take on that task.

Our dating journey can be followed on Instagram #irwinsjournal; yet we really didn't know we were dating so early on. He was healing from the breakup of his marriage and I was not completely comfortable in my own skin. On his birthday in 2017 he called me after a long absence in each other lives. We picked up right were we left off, as incredible friends.

The following weeks we connected and got together on a regular basis. We would go on adventures and he would show up to my events. Those around us saw more than either one of us were willing to admit. It took asking a question “Do you think we are avoiding something?” to change everything. In a whirlwind, we ended up to this time in our life, happily married and building a life together.

How does one get to this happy place? For me it was not an easy road, nor for George. We had to face a lot of things we didn't like about ourselves, and heal those wounds to be ready for such a wonderful life partner. Healing those wounds for me goes back to January 2016 when I took my personal "Life Partner Desire Statement" and corrected it. Ones that I had prior were too full of detail and sounded more like a laundry list for a man. This time I made it very specific of what I wanted the relationship to look like.

When we started to date, I happened across the statement. It was everything that either of us wanted from a relationship. It wasn't soon after that we decided we wanted to be married. Every decision we make is cooperative. We both like a lot of the same things, we have interests that give us our own space and we enjoy each other's company. He is Darrin to my Samantha from Bewitched as he calls it, which version (Dick York or Dick Sargent) we have not decided. What we have decided is that life is so much better together.

If you are lost and lonely looking for that love you desire I have some advice for you. You need to envision what your future looks like and how that relationship will function. You must do some very difficult work to become who you are and become very comfortable with it. Lastly, you must believe it is coming and act accordingly. You cannot put any restraints on the Universe that it has to be a particular person and must be willing for them to become part of your life. In my case it was someone who I had known and in an earlier version of my "Life Partner Desire Statement" was modeled after along with several other men that I had deep love and respect for. You just must keep the faith...

So, dear readers of Irwin's Journal, after so many years of just reading stories from George, you will have entries from me. I will still write on my site, but on occasion you will find bits and pieces here with George's writings.