Please Explain
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It has been brought to our attention that there are certain actions you have recently taken which are not aligned to our Constitution of Agreed Behavior.

As you are aware, consumption is critical to keeping our economy functioning according to our plan. You recently visited the Ganglion Shopping Marketplace Site and placed Item K2ORS in your cart but failed to complete the transaction. Please explain why you did not act as expected.

Traffic cameras logged that while traveling north on Designated Route DJT-45 you failed to give way to a motorist of the Loyal Class. You are aware that despite the fact that this driver was in an entrance lane and you were already in a travel lane, the Loyal Class always has the right of way. Please explain why you felt it was necessary to delay a Loyal Class member.

During this same general timeframe, your Vehicle Monitoring System determined that you were in Zone Crescent-19. You do not have authorization to travel in this area. Please explain the purpose of your incursion into this zone. We understand that there was construction on your normal route to your place of work but as you know that is not a valid reason for deviating from your assigned avenues of travel.

Your communication device recorded a conversation in which you discussed an upcoming change to the business practices of your employer, Monolith Industries. Please explain why you believe you are entitled to comment on this matter, which is not in your scope of permission.

Our records show that these multiple incidents are in addition to previously documented and communicated infractions. You are once again warned that failure to properly and completely explain your actions to our satisfaction will result in reduction or termination of your Sustenance Credits.

Furthermore, we have detected that while all of these communications are confidential, you have discussed them in an unauthorized manner on a private dark web forum using the pseudonym “RblX90120.” This is non-compliant. Please explain how you will cease and desist from this activity.

Please prioritize your attention to your explanations. We expect an immediate reply and will block and delete any other communications of any type originating from you including from your residence, workplace and any other sites until your appropriate response is received and processed.