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Thanks for visiting this section of the website. I hope you'll benefit from these short tips, tales and thoughts from my rather long career as a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner. I intend to entertain as well as inform! The audience for this is certainly not limited to Black Belts. I think everyone can take something away from here, even if you have no intention of ever constructing a control chart. I'll be adding to this part of the site frequently. Stay tuned for more tidbits and data points.
What Is Lean Six Sigma,
No, It's Not Karate
The Overstuffed Tool Bag
Why Not
Step By Step?
Parts Is Parts?
Project Team Assemble!
Know Thy Stakeholders
Project Charters For Journalists
(and Everyone Else)
What's It Worth To You?
Operational Definition, Defined
Off To The RACIs
Asking The Wrong Question
You Can't Fix What
You Can't Measure
Metric Or 2x4?
Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why?
That's Life
Three Ms
Do That Again
Third Full Moon Syndrome
Don't Extrapolate
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...
Hitting .400 This Year?
Talking to Eeyores
Lean Six Sigma
E F P T O Z...
The Mick Jagger Slide
The Corrupted Wheel
Fun With Expected Value
What A Waste: Motion
The Messenger Has...
But I Played
One On TV