First family photos with the new toy (digital camera), taken within a few days of Kieran's 8th Birthday... as you've probably surmised!
Last Update: 21 Nov 2004

It's the birthday boy! Get the photo shoot done, Dad, I want to open my gifts!

Blowing out the "8" candle... Technical note: I'm amazed at how well the new toy lit this shot; it was pretty dark in the room at the time!

Kieran is into the video games at the moment... whether it be the old console...

...or the hand-held...

...or the 8th birthday present...! (Brand names not mentioned; they didn't pay for the product placement.) Lest anyone worry about over-exposure, well, this was his birthday. And the first thing he wanted to play was No Limit Texas Hold 'Em: it's not a corrupting vice, it's a practical application of probability theory...

Brother and sister portrait... amazingly, neither fooled around that much...

Hey, I'm trying to read the instructions!

Thalia Elizabeth had another birthday party to attend on the same day! (Once Kieran got his big gift-- see above-- he didn't mind.) Here she is in the party dress that her Grammy bought her.

The week before K's 8th, Thalia pauses for a chocolate milk at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. Rosemary really loves the sweater, and so does Thalia!

A grab shot that we really like... that's Thalia with her friends Pegasus (actually Daddy's!) and Jewel the Wooley Mammoth... but it's the little girl that gets the attention.

And let's wrap up with one more of Thalia... who's now four and a half!

...and one of Kieran, who's now a master Lego builder, as you can see! See you next time!