These digital images were taken during March through June 2005.
Last Update: 29 Sep 2005

We begin with one of the shots of which I am most proud... available light, the Penfield Library Community Room, and a transfixed Thalia listening to a story about "Froggy". March, 2005.

She still fits in the Engineer's Outfit, and she's at the controls at the RIT Train Show, a semi-annual event at which I frequently exhibit on behalf of the World's Greatest Hobby (Model Railroading!).

Kieran is seriously considering the situation with the help of his friend Buny (and that is with just one N).

And Thalia is fascinatingly wondering just what kind of a gift this is... it's a candy magic wand! Note snow still on ground at upper left... another typical winter season, and then some, to be sure...

...and here's Kieran with his basket and a smile. Note use of gloves and reason for same in background... white, sometimes fluffy, sometimes slushy, sometimes frozen solid...

Both Buny and Thalia's "Dimples the Bear" got gifts too and Buny's was... a bunny! Kieran looks very happy while Thalia looks on.

Is my tiara on straight? Princess Thalia at Cinderella's Royal Ball, a fundraiser for the Rochester Ballet. The cast in costume, a special kid's version performance of the story, and lots of chocolate and wedding cake to celebrate the marriage of Cinderella to her prince-- what more could an almost five year old ask for?

Speaking of Princesses... here she is in her Big Girl Bed, a loft, actually!

Kieran's got the world on a string... well, actually, the moon on a lever... at a local Science Fair.

The kids at the "Big Backyard," Ellison Park, in a shot that I really need to take more frequently. There are other poses of K&T at this sign which lets us see how they've grown.

A tale of two interests... At left, Thalia in costume for her dance recital: the 4 and 5 year olds danced to a remake (?) of "I Think I Love You" (!?!)... and meanwhile, at right, here's Kieran with his latest Lego® Bionicle® creation.

Thalia Elizabeth with one of the namesakes for the Lilac Festival here in Rochester, on her fifth birthday. I took the day off and I'm glad I did, for I was laid off two weeks later... fortunately, that situation has been rectified...

...but before then, not one but two birthday cakes! One for the immediate family and one with the larger party; I'll bet you can guess which was which.

Did I mention that there were some really interesting guests at that second party? Thalia in her "party dress" with a friend at Dinosaur Choo-Choo's Express, Spencerport, New York... highly recommended! Yes, there is a "train ride."

Finally... Kieran in the cupola of a caboose... really! This one is in the parking lot of Niagara Model Hobbies just outside Buffalo. It's painted for the Erie and they've got HO Scale replicas available inside the store. The caboose wasn't our main destination that day, but to see where we were going, you'll need to see the next Photo Page-- how's that for a tease?