These digital images were taken during June and July 2005.
Last Update: 29 Sep 2005

So we left you on the last Photo Page with Kieran in a caboose. The actual destination for that day was Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the theme park "Marineland." Yes, I wasn't working, but yes, I had enough of a stash of Canadian money to just squeeze out the admission for three. In fact, add a little more and get a pass for the season... we did. Kieran thoroughly enjoyed one ride in particular-- the "cups." As you can see...

Thalia and Kieran and Deer, oh my! Interesting sidelight to this... the deer are quite tame and quite well fed. One can purchase deer food which comes in an ice cream cone. It didn't take long for the deer to show us that they eat the cone also...

We were just wondering when this ride would start...

But I must admit that the kid in me comes for the dolphins. Here are a couple of examples from a subsequent trip.

Thalia on the Dragon Boat Ride!

Later that same day, Kieran offers, uh, a "salute" to Daddy. For some reason this shows to me that he can match Thalia's "Miss Chievous" pose with one of his own... Daddy was "treated" to salutes for the remainder of the trip!

Kieran, Thalia and one of the largest bridges in the world-- Tunkhannock Viaduct, Nicholson, Pennsylvania, July 7, 2005. I'll let you read the sign:

Not quite the ocean, but it'll have to do. Keansburg, New Jersey and Raritan Bay beside the dunes. Way beyond the dunes is Long Island, New York; specifically Brooklyn and Queens.

Kieran was already an old hand at the Go-Karts in Keansburg, having been able to pilot them on our previous trip in 2004.

But guess who was right behind this time, and determined to not let big brother have all the fun? And don't let that pretty dress fool you! That's right... this time Thalia was both old enough and tall enough to get her own cart! Well, we've gotta race, see you next time!