April 2006
These digital images were all taken on the afternoon of April 1, 2006.
Last Update: 4 Apr 2006

Running "down the hill" in our "big backyard," Ellison Park. If you look closely, you can see Kieran and Thalia. (Slightly to the right of dead center of the image.) I am very glad that I do not have to mow this lawn!

In another part of the park, we came across a stream bed that's dry for much of the year. But spring rains the night before were draining off, and the three of us explored. Here are K & T examining a waterfall.

Here's what they were looking at... pretty nice.

Size comparison. Note Kieran's walking stick. His father needed to borrow it a couple of times.

Farther down the stream, Kieran thought this would make a nice picture. Notice the rocks down the waterfall. The kids were measuring relative water temperature and decided that it depended on the season, the position of the sun, the speed of the water and how deep it was.

"Kieran the Triumphant" after navigating over numerous fallen trees and slippery rocks to get close to where the stream empties into Irondequoit Creek which is the main watercourse through the park.

A happy Thalia after reaching about the same spot. Note how the stream seems to disappear behind her. It's actually going into a culvert. So much for tracing the entire route...

A final look back upstream. Several pools of water form along the way down. A nice lesson in geology, in a very small space.

On the way out of the park, we were spotted by a resident. "No, no, it's not a squirrel, I'm just part of the tree... nothing to see here, keep moving... come back again sometime..."