April 2008
These digital images were taken during January to March 2008.
Last Update: 20 Jul 2008

We begin with... dueling photographers! Kieran shot this photo of Thalia at her Junior Numismatic Museum (Coin Club) meeting, February 15, 2008. And then Thalia shot this picture of Kieran... taking a picture...

Thalia and a friend-- wearing the same dress!-- contemplate one of the many flowers on display at the Highland Park Conservatory. Designed by Frederick Olmstead (the same gentleman who gave us Central Park), Highland Park is far better known for the annual Lilac Festival. The Conservatory is one of those hidden pleasures of our community.

At the other extreme from the warmth of the Conservatory, how about some Curling on the Canal? This is an annual event to promote the sport, which has a dedicated following in our area. The location is-- yes!-- the Erie Canal, in nearby Palmyra, New York. That's Thalia in the foreground of this overview image.

Kieran contemplates a shot. Unlike ice for, say, skating, the curling "sheet" is more rough, especially when it's natural like on the canal, and enables the stone to turn inward or "curl". (Aha! So that's where the name comes from!) The "stones" or "rocks" can weigh up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds)! but are smaller for junior players.

(Left) Thalia checks the progress of her first rock as Kieran looks on.

(Right) Perfect weather for this exhibition on 24 February 2008 brought quite an audience. That included a photographer for the local paper who also snapped an incredible photo of Thalia in November 2006, that appeared in color in said paper. Thanks again, Jen!

It was back to Wintertime to begin March! And since I hadn't done a "sign shot" in a while, I trudged the two kids the two blocks to our Big Backyard, Ellison Park. They seem to be OK with that in this shot!

Oh, and two days later? Warm enough to ride bikes!

We'll close out this time with two photos I really like. First, an Easter Sunday portrait of Thalia.

And here's an image of Kieran from 21 February. More photos to come...