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Welcome to our photo pages... This section mostly isn't being updated presently-- the kids have "grown out" of it and now maintain their own presences online. But there's one exception as of July 2016 here, my "5K with Miss Liberty."
However, this format has enabled us to return many of the "golden oldies" to the 'net. Use the links here or the pulldown menu in the top frame to select a page.
Family pages... Kieran and Thalia
Vacation in Valencia (2011):
Part One | Part Two
August 2010
Jan-May 2009
Jul-Sep 2009
December 2008
On The Town
August 2008
California 2008:
Part One | Part Two

New England Swing
May 2008

For Lizzy (our cat)
April 2008
April 2008

Christmas Time Is Here
December 2007

December 2007

September 2007

California Dreaming
August 2007

Ten and Seven
August 2007
Beach and Bay
August 2006
July 2006
A Walk in the Park
April 2006
January 2006
August 2005
June 2005
March 2005
November 2004
August 2004
October 2003
January 2003
April 2002
Alaska Adventure!
Posted December 2001
December 2001
April 2001

Thalia's pages...There are just a couple of pages of our daughter alone. Not long after she was born I started doing "combined" photo pages.
September 2000
May 2000

Kieran's pages...Kieran has more individual pages, but then, he did have a bit of a head start. Some previous pages have been combined.
September 2000
1999/2000 Photos
Vacation 1999
February 1999
Kieran's First 2 Years
November 1998

Scenery... and other subjects No family on these pages, but hopefully some nice images. More to come... maybe...
5K with Miss Liberty
July 2016
Sunset at the Seacoast
August 2008
December 2006

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