The First Two Years
© 1997,8 by George Irwin, Ellison Park, NY || Last Updated: 20 Nov 1998 || Reposted 24 Aug 2004

Originally presented on the occassion of Kieran's second birthday, thanks to a cheapo scanner, we were able to present early photos. We'll expand this soon to include previous short photo pages-- back when we were getting photos on floppy disk as well as prints!-- so that this page will provide a complete retrospective of our son's first two years... literally going back to "day one!" (Photos by George J. Irwin except where noted.)

Here he is, on the morning of November 21, 1996, not even one day old yet. And cute already...

Size comparison... that's the proud father's hand on the left.

Kieran in his baptismal gown, April 6, 1997. The gown had been part of Rosemary's family for more than 75 years. Rosemary's cousin Bud, who with his wife Diane hosted our wedding out in Cupertino, CA, was baptized in this gown as well. It gives Kieran a special connection to Bud even though he passed away within a few days of Kieran's birth.

First Christmas picture... photo by George R. Irwin (Kieran's grandfather). This one is framed and displayed in the dining room...

Hmm... what should I have? A good time, of course! Kieran at the Skyline Diner, which was housed inside the Strong Museum in downtown Rochester, New York. Photo from late 1997.

Another one for the picture frames, a "grab shot" while I was trying to finish a roll of that grr-growly "100 speed" film. It's a keeper from when Kieran was just over a year old. Where are those talent scouts?

Hey, let me drive! I can, really... we'll take my car! April 1998. Photo by George R. Irwin.

At his New Jersey grandparents house rolling down the sidewalk atop Thomas the Tank Engine (A trademark of Britt Alcroft (Thomas) Limited... have to stay legal here). Photo by George R. Irwin.

And finally, the classic smile returns. This was taken less than a week before Kieran's second birthday, in his room here in our humble Ellison Park abode.