UMTRR Table of 2002 Releases
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This listing includes all cars included in regular release multi-packs and also calls out the multi-packs (italicized rows). A D after the catalog # indicates that the item has been sold out and discontinued. SOURCE: Micro-Trains official information through "Updated As Of Date" above. NOTE: All 2002 releases have been discontinued.
See the 2002 Month by Month Page to view official MTL images of the releases.

Catalog # Rel # Reporting Marks Price $ Description Rel
1508 D--Popsicle®
Collector's Set
179.99GP-20 Loco Plus Cars:
59050, 59060 and 59070 Refrigerators, 100130 Caboose
1509 D--Smokey Bear®
Collector's Set #2
179.99GP-20 Loco Plus Cars:
46360 Gondola, 65540 Tank Car, 74050 Box Car, 51210 Caboose
1510 D 2Evergreen Express #2
"Collector's Set"
149.99GP-20 Loco Plus Cars:
44100 Flat, 74060 Box, 77070 Box, 100140 Caboose
1511 D 2Evergreen Express #2
"Modeler's Set"
179.99Same as 1506 with track, powerpack etc.Oct
1512 D--Patriotic Train179.99SW-9 Switcher (Life-Like, MTL Paint) Plus Cars:
74070, 106070, 38290, 100150
15103 D 2OR&L 32513.35[Nn3 Car] BCR/White, Herald L, Oahu Ry and LandDec
15112 D 1D&RGW 327614.50[Nn3 Car] BCR/White, R/N L, Speed Ltr R/N RApr
20001 D
22182 Set
3Dim Data 9.40BCR/White, Dimensional Data OnlyNov
20110 D 3D&RGW 6003411.95Aluminum/Red,Black, R/M L, R/N R, "Cookie Box"Dec
20296 D 1UP 19345012.80BCR/Yellow, R/N + R/M L, Alternating Slogans RFeb
20576 D 1CIL 122312.80Gray/Red, White, "Monon" L, Herald RApr
20586 D 1Alton 120014.50Aluminum/Red, Black Details, Roadname/Number L, Herald RMay
20596 D 1CMO 2002412.80Pullman Green/Gold, R/M L, "Route of 400" RJun
20616 D 1SAL 2519614.50Aluminum/Red, Black, Large Roadname + R/M L, Heart Herald ROct
20626 D 1PSX 121.30Brown, Orange/Brown, Yellow, Pullman Standard 50,000th PS-1Nov
21030 D
22182 Set
5MP 9602210.50BCR/White, Reporting Marks L, Herald + Slogan RNov
21140 D 2UP 11339714.75BCR/White, Large R/N + R/M L, "Auto Rwy" Slogan + Shield Herald ROct
21300 D 1HFC 760218.95Orange/Yellow, Brown, Reese's® (Hershey's® #7)Jun
21310 D 1HFC 900221.25Yellow/Red, Brown, Mr. Goodbar® (Hershey's® #8)Sep
22020 D 4GN 1187815.35Red/White, Small Hld + R/M L, Roadname RSep
22060 D
22182 Set
4RI 16146411.95BCR/White, Herald + R/M L, Lg Roadname RNov
22180 D
22182 Set
8MILW 2992011.95BCR/White, Reporting Marks L, Herald RNov
22182 D<--30th Anniv54.9530th Anniversary Five-Pack Set
See 20001, 21030, 22060, 22180, 23020
23020 D
22182 Set
4SP 6637311.15BCR/White, Reporting Marks L, Small Circle Herald RNov
23050 D 2SAL 2229713.70BCR/White, Heart Herald R, "...Courteous Service" Slogan RFeb
23080 D 3BN 18996314.55Green/White, Roadname + R/M L, Large Herald RNov
23270 D 1UP 921324.75Two-tone Gray, White, Express ServiceJan
24070 D 2ICG 41608415.05Orange/B&W, Lg Roadname + R/M L, Lg Solid Rail Hld RAug
24260 D 2CP 5594721.85Red/White, Black, Multimark L, Roadname and R/M RAug
24300 D 1PCMT 3004218.95Aluminum/Black, Modern Pepsi® Logo R (Pepsi #16)Sep
25620 D 1MRL 2003015.40Blue/White, BCR Door, Montana Rail LinkMar
26010 D 1ABOX 5006217.95Yellow, Alum Roof/Black, "Railbox" Herald LMar
27090 D 2SPFE 45357114.50Orange/Black, White, R/M + UP & SP Heralds L, PFE RDec
27200 D 2WC 2711416.20Maroon/Yellow, White, R/M + R/N L, Herald RSep
28130 D 2PRR 56427912.00Red Oxide/White, R/N L, Small Circle Keystone RJun
28160 D 1CV 4001413.70BCR/White, Roadname + R/M L, Herald on DoorMay
29030 D 4NP 800812.85BCR/White, Semicircle R/N LMar
30190 D 1GSVR 77415418.80Blue/Yellow, Golden West Service Herald RFeb
30030 D 2LPN 5207918.80Orange,Blue/Red, "We Love Oregon" L, Lg R/N RJun
31320 D 1CB&Q 2138312.80BCR/Wte,Herald and Slogan RMar
31330 D 1MEC 950712.80Dark Green/Yellow, R/M L, Small Pine Tree Hld RApr
31340 D 1ATSF 1000124.70Red,Black/White, Large Hld L, "DF w/Shock Control" AcrossMay
33110 D 2NKP 8100513.70BCR/White, Rep Mks L, Herald RAug
34220 D 2NYC 4533515.40BCR/White, Yellow, "Earlybird" Herald L, R/M ROct
35090 D 7D&RGW 3641312.00Black/White, R/M L, Speed Lettering R/N RFeb
35170 D 1GN 5638512.00Sky Blue/White, Roadname + Road Number LApr
37040 D 1CNJ 2503915.40BCR/White, "Jersey Central Lines" RJan
37050 D 1NP 781318.80BCR/White, Large NP + R/M L, Large Herald ROct
38200 D 2BN 73051313.65Green/White, Roadname L, Large Herald RJan
38300 D 1UP 49922319.60Yellow/Red,Black, Large R/N+R/M L, "We Can Handle It" RJun
38290 D 1#USA 2002
Patriotic Train
18.75Blue/Red, White Stars, "of America" Across
1512 Set Only
39220 D 1TH&B 476112.55BCR/White, R/N+R/M L, Herald R, Toronto, Hamilton & BuffaloJun
43070 D 4C&O 1213312.85BCR/White, R/M L, Roadname RApr
44080 D 2SP&S 3404011.15Black/White, Roadname + Number AcrossDec
44100 D 2#Evergreen Express
MTL 24
----Red/White, 2 Christmas Trees,
1510/1511 Sets Only
45030 D 2SP 142549 9.80FCR/White, Roadname + Road Number AcrossMar
45200 D 2BN 61274310.65Green/White, Rep Mks L, Roadname AcrossAug
46360 D 2FP X120953 MOW
Smokey Bear
15.95Bright Green/White, Aluminum End Doors & Trucks
Smokey Bear Fire Prev #1, 1509 Set Only
47200 D 1CN 20934414.75BCR, White, Maple Leaf Herald "Serves All Canada" RJan
51080 D 3NYC 1955920.25Brown/White, Yellow Details, Oval Herald + R/M Below CupolaDec
51210 D 1#X51998 MOW
Smokey Bear
26.95Bright Green, Aluminum/Multi,
Smokey Bear Fire Prev #4, 1509 Set Only
51210 D 2X51898 MOW
Smokey Bear
26.95Bright Green, Aluminum/Multi,
Smokey Bear Fire Prev #4
51220 D 1WP 60233.00Silver, Orange/Black, Herald L, "Zephyr" SchemeJun
52080 D 1REA 611627.00Aluminum, Green/Red,Green,Gold, Railway Express Agency at Top LOct
53020 D 2TTZX 8609722.50Yellow/Black, R/M L, "TT" Center, "Trailer Train" RFeb
53050 D 2MILW 6303522.50Yellow/Black, R/M L, Roadname Across TopSep
53510 D 2GBRX 902225.05White/Blue, Multicolor Logo at Top, Domtar GypsumOct
54070 D 7CPI 31713715.70Red/White, R/M L, "CP Rail" RMay
54130 D 1IHB 1702117.40Yellow/Black, White, R/M L, Indiana Harbor BeltDec
56090 D 7WM 1080314.25Oxide Red/White, R/M L, "Fast Freight" Herald RApr
56170 D 2NYC 83849514.25Frt Car Red/White, R/M L, Small Oval Herald RJun
56330 D 1LV 27432 CT14.25Black/White, R/M L, Roadname AcrossSep
56340 D 1SP 46067115.95BCR/White, R/M L, Herald L, Large Roadname RNov
57010 D 5ATSF 18073614.25Mineral Brown/White, Reporting Marks LJul
57120 D 1AA 3092014.25Black/White, Reporting Marks L, Large R/N AcrossOct
59050 D 2#GH 50221.95Yellow, Aluminum/Multicolor, Popsicle® 1508 Set OnlyFeb^
59060 D 2#GH 60223.95Yellow, Aluminum/Multicolor, Fudgsicle® 1508 Set OnlyFeb^
59070 D 2#GH 70223.95Yellow, Aluminum/Multicolor, Creamsicle® 1508 Set OnlyFeb^
59080 D 1GH 700225.95Alum/Multicolor, Popsicle® "Clown" Device RJul
59570 D 1GH 600223.50Brown/Multicolor, Good Humor® Ice Cream #1 Jun
59580 D 1GH 800223.50Brown/Multicolor, Good Humor® Ice Cream #2 Aug
60010 D 3MILW 8036113.95FCR/White, R/M L, "CMStP&P" (Old Name of MILW) RMar
64070 D 1CP 50448516.55Red/White, R/M plus "CP Rail" CenterMay
64082 D 1HTC 1230
MTL 2002
36.50Holiday Car: TOFC Flat, Red/White, "Holiday Transportation Company"
45' Trailer, Silver/Red, Green, Ribbon and Bow Around Sides, Roof and Ends, Banner "Overnight Delivery" Across
65020 D 2B&O X41719.15Black/White, Roadname + Number L, Capital Dome Herald RSep
65060 D15UTLX 853318.30Black/Yellow, Rep Mks L, Union Tank Car LineAug
65180 D 2UP 6901918.30Black/White, Roadname + Rep Mks LMar
65540 D 2#FP X101359 MOW
Smokey Bear
20.95Green/White, Multicolor Icon R,
Smokey Bear Fire Prev #3, 1509 Set Only
65550 D 1WPMW 029118.30Black/White, Reporting Mks L (Western Pacific)Apr
65560 D 1CN 99098419.15Bright Red/White, Reporting Mks L (Company Service)Oct
67210 D 1BNZ 23786222.50Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Portland"May
68070 D 1(no rep mks)20.95Blue,White/Multi, Pepsi® Modern Logo Across (Pepsi #17)Dec
69160 D 1GH 69518.95Aluminum/Blue, White, Klondike® Bar Logo RJan
69170 D 1GH 69617.95Aluminum/Blue, White, Klondike Mint® Logo RFeb
73020 D 1ROCK 5760715.05Blue/White, Black, "The Rock" L, Large "R" Herald RFeb
73030 D 1EL 8803315.05BCR/White, Large R/N + Rep Mks L, Large "E" Herald RJul
73040 D 1ATSF 3983421.85BCR, Aluminum/White, Large Hld L, "Ship and Travel" RDec
74050 D 2#FP X12745 MOW
Smokey Bear
14.95Bright Green,Aluminum/White, Multicolor Icon R,
Smokey Bear Fire Prev #2, 1509 Set Only
74060 D 2#Evergreen Express
MTL 474
----Red/White, Green Garland, Red Bows,
1510/1511 Sets Only
74070 D 1#USA 2002
Patriotic Train
15.60Red/Blue, White Stars, "United" Across
1512 Set Only
75040 D 2USLX 1308714.55Green/White, Orange, Tropicana Orange JuiceDec
75080 D 1WSOR 50308119.65Maroon/White, American Flag + "A Day America Will Never Forget" RJul
75090 D 1WSOR 50314317.10Maroon/White, USAF Symbol + "No One Comes Close" RJul
75100 D 1WSOR 50314419.65Maroon/White, American Flag + "God Bless America" RJul
75102 D 1WSOR 3-Pk 57.10September 11, 2001 Commemorative 3-PackJul
75110 D 1NS 45535014.55BCR/White, Herald + Reporting Marks LAug
76030 D 2ATSF 4963517.95Dark BCR/White, "Shock Control" L, Large Herald RJan
76050 D 1BCOL 546519.65Green/White, R/M L, Multicolor Dogwood Herald RSep
77070 D 2#Evergreen Express
MTL 377
----Green/White, Green Garland, Red Bows,
1510/1511 Sets Only
77090 D 1UP 50849421.90Yellow/Multi, Shield Hld R, "Auto Railway" RApr
78070 D 2C&O 27217516.65Dk Blue/White, R/M R, "C&O For Progress" Herald RJul
78100 D 1PM 7214218.35BCR/White, R/N R, Pere MarquetteMar
92160 D 1C&O 60552725.50Yellow/Blue, Yellow, R/M L Chessie Cat Herald CtrDec
93060 D 1AGPX 9631423.70Green/Yellow, White, R/M L, "AGP" Center, Ag ProcessingNov
94100 D 2ATSF 31383822.00Mineral Brown/White, R/M L, Large Roadaname AcrossApr
94190 D 1MP 72436922.00Gray/Black, Eagle/Buzzsaw Herald CenterJan
94200 D 1IC 79962322.85Dark Gray/White, 1990's Herald RMar
94210 D 1SNFX 461025.40Gray/Black, Shell Logo RMay
100130 D 2#GH 20229.85White, Red, Blue/Multicolor, Popsicle® 1508 Set OnlyFeb^
100140 D 2#Evergreen Express
MTL 1085
----Red, Green/No Lettering, Green Boughs, Red Bow,
1510/1511 Sets Only
100170 D 1N&W 56274817.70Red/White, Roadname Across, 60's Round Hld Under CupolaSep
100150 D 1#USA 2002
Patriotic Train
21.10Red, White and Blue, White Circle of Stars
1512 Set Only
103080 D 1SOU 4349023.00BCR/White, "Green Light" Slogan L, "Southern Serves The South" RAug
105090 D 1WC 5507712.95White/Red, Black, R/M L, Large Roadname AcrossDec
106070 D 1#USA 2002
Patriotic Train
13.00White/Blue, Red Stars, "States" Across
1512 Set Only
106080 D 1PRR 37670415.10BCR/White, Large Roadname Across, Shadow Keystone ROct
106220 D 1WP 605319.35Black/Yellow,White, R/M L, Roadname + Orange Feather AcrJul
108060 D 1DRGW 1468915.40Black/White, R/M L, Speed Lettering Herald RAug
108080 D 1RBMN 728623.90Black/White, Roadname Across, Blue Panel
Reading and Northern (Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern)
108090 D 1RBMN 741024.75Black/White, Roadname Across, Red Panel
Reading and Northern (Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern)
109010 D 2PRR 47001616.60FCR/White, Roadname + Number Across, Buckeye TrucksJan
109040 D 1ATSF 9000016.60FCR/White, Rep Mks L, Commonwealth TrucksFeb
109050 D 1ERIE 720818.30Black/White, Rep Mks Ctr, Commonwealth TrucksJul
109210 D 1B&O 993518.25Black/White, R/M L, Generator Load, Commonwealth TrucksMay
109220 D 1UP 5000019.95Brown/Yellow, R/M L, Commonwealth Trucks, With LoadOct
110040 D 1BN 87500025.35Black/White, Rep Mks L, R/N and Herald RMar
110050 D 1GN 10001321.95Black/White, Rep Mks L, R/N Across, Small Herald RNov
113010 D 1(no rep mks)13.95Black/No Lettering, Skeleton Log Car w/Cedar Log "Load #1"Dec
985 10 005 D 2#X659 FP
Smokey Bear
79.95GP-20 Loco Green/White, Multicolor Smokey Icon,
1509 Set Only
985 10 012 D 2HFC 200264.99GP-20 Loco Maroon, Silver/White, Hershey's® Across Long Hood (Hershey's #6)Apr
985 10 013 D 1#Popsicle 190579.95GP-20 Loco Blue, Red/White, Popsicle® Logo Across Long Hood
1508 Set Only
985 10 013 D 2Popsicle 50279.95GP-20 Loco Blue, Red/White, Popsicle® Logo Across Long HoodMay
985 10 014 D 1#USA 2002
Patriotic Train
79.95SW-9 Switcher Diesel Loco, White/Red Striped Hood
Blue Cab, White Stars (1512 Set Only)
985 10 015 D 2#(no road)
79.95GP-20 Loco Red,Green/White, Green "Holiday Express" Logo Across Long HoodOct
985 10 016 D 1 D(no road)
79.95GP-20 Loco Red,Green/White, Green "Holiday Express" Logo Across Long HoodOct
992 00 011 D1ATSF 126
FT A&B Set
210.75Blue and Yellow Freight Scheme Oct
992 00 012 D2ATSF 133
FT A&B Set
210.75Blue and Yellow Freight Scheme Oct
992 00 021 D1NYC 1600/2400
FT A&B Set
189.00Black with White Nose Stripes, As DeliveredOct
992 00 022 D2NYC 1601/2401
FT A&B Set
189.00Black with White Nose Stripes, As DeliveredOct
992 00 031 D1SSW 923
FT A&B Set
205.50Black/Silver "Black Widow"Nov**
992 00 032 D2SSW 913
FT A&B Set
205.50Black/Silver "Black Widow"Nov**
992 00 041 D1RDG 250
FT A&B Set
206.25Black/Green, Delux Gold Stripes (Reading)Nov**
992 00 042 D2RDG 253
FT A&B Set
206.25Black/Green, Delux Gold Stripes (Reading)Nov**


Release number is based on my count of road numbers and major varieties of road numbers issued and may not match commercial guides.
# Item is part of a Special Edition set (e.g. Evergreen Express) and not officially available from MTL as a single release (some dealers may break up sets).
^ These Special Edition sets (and therefore components) were announced in Mid-February at the New York Toy Fair and were available from that point, therefore should be considered February "mid-month" releases.
** Expected date per MTL press releases and advertising.

Some Description abbreviations: "BCR" Box Car Red, "FCR" Freight Car Red, "R"/ "L" Right/Left Side of Car, "Hld" Herald, "R/N" Roadname (Spelled Out), "Acr" Across (Entire Car), "B&W" Black & White, "Multi" Multicolor, "RWB" Red, White & Blue.

Trademarks are property of their respective owners.


The catalog number without the "-2" is the car with a Marklin coupler, with the "-2" is the car with the Micro-Trains coupler. Release Numbers have been added to the table based on the MTL Master Database. Where available, click on a catalog number to read the UMTRR description of the car. Items with a "D" following have been sold out and discontinued. (All releases for the year have been sold out and discontinued.) The "2002 Month by Month" table here provides images of the Z Scale releases.
Catalog #s Rel
Rep. Marks Price $
Price $
with M/T
Description Rel
13105 D
13105-2 D
1 WP 6610 11.70 13.40Fishbelly Side Gondola
Black/White, R/M L, Roadname Across
13106 D
13106-2 D
1 GN 72839 12.45 14.15Fishbelly Side Gondola
Red/White, R/M L, Roadname Across
13201 D
13201-2 D
1 WM 51302 14.50 16.20Straight Side Gondola
Oxide Red/White, Speed Lettering Roadname Acr
13516 D
13516-2 D
1 MTL 377NPI*NPI*50 Foot Single Door Boxcar
Green/White,Red, Evergreen Express Set Only
13517 D
13517-2 D
1 BN 246002 17.70 19.4050 Foot Single Door Boxcar
Green/White, Roadname + R/M L, Large Herald R
13518 D
13518-2 D
1 PRR 47172 18.45 20.1550 Foot Single Door Boxcar
Green/White, R/M L, Red & White Keystone Herald R
13519 D
13519-2 D
1 CB&Q 21383 16.95 18.6550 Foot Single Door Boxcar
BCR/White, R/M L, Herald + "Everywhere West" or "Way of Zephyrs" R
13622 D
13622-2 D
1 MTL 2002 23.75 25.4550 Foot Plug Door Boxcar
2002 Holiday Car: Silver/Red, Green, Ribbon and Bow Across Side, Banner "Overnight Express" R
14001 D
14001-2 D
2 UP 1467100.50102.10F-7 Diesel Locomotive
Yellow, Gray/Red
14011 D
14011-2 D
1 MTL 67NPI*NPI*F-7 Diesel Locomotive
Red, Green/White, Evergreen Express Set Only
14507 D
14507-2 D
2 GN 66212 10.95 12.6540 Foot Fishbelly Side Flat Car
BCR/White, Roadname + Road Number Across
14509 D
14509-2 D
1 MTL 377NPI*NPI*40 Foot Fishbelly Side Flat Car
Red/White, w/2 trees, Evergreen Express Set Only
14606 D
14606-2 D
1 GSVR 459003 13.20 14.9040 Foot Bulkhead Flat Car
Blue/Yellow, Red, "Golden West Service" Center
14707 D
14707-2 D
2 NYC 17825 16.35 18.0530 Foot Steel Center Cupola Caboose
Freight Car Red/White, R/M Center
14719 D
14719-2 D
1 MTL 1085NPI*NPI*30 Foot Steel Center Cupola Caboose
Red, Green/White, Evergreen Express Set Only
14145 D
14145-2 D
1 UP 193450 16.25 17.9540 Foot Single Door Boxcar
Mineral Red/Yellow, R/N + R/M L, Be Specific or Streamliner Slogan R
14417 D
14417-2 D
2 GN X-1155 13.75 15.4539 Foot Single Dome Tank Car
Black/White, Rep Marks L, Road Number R
14419 D
14419-2 D
1 CN 999084 13.75 15.4539 Foot Single Dome Tank Car
Bright Red/White, R/M L, "Diesel Fuel Only" R
14422 D
14422-2 D
1 WP 1124 13.75 15.4539 Foot Single Dome Tank Car
Black/White, Roadname + Road Number L, Western Pacific
14918 D
14918-2 D
1 MTL 474NPI*NPI*40 Foot Plug Door Boxcar
Red, Green/White, Evergreen Express Set Only
17004 D
17004-2 D
1 SP 8023 41.50 43.20Unpowered F7B Diesel
Black/White, Number in Center ("Black Widow" Scheme)

*NPI: Not Priced Individually. MTL did not sell these items outside of the Special Edition sets in which they were contained (some dealers may break up sets).