UMTRR Table of 2000 Releases
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This listing includes all cars included in regular releases, Special Editions and multi-packs and also calls out multi-packs (italicized rows). A D after the catalog # indicates that the item has been sold out and discontinued. NOTE: All Year 2000 releases have been discontinued. Sorry, UMTRR Archive Columns are no longer available for 2000 releases.
Catalog # Rel # Reporting Marks Price $ Description Rel
15113 D 1RGS 851212.60(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Rio Grande SouthernFeb
15114 D 1A&NW 704913.25(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Austin & NorthwesternMay
1501 D -Pepsi Set #1179.99Pepsi Set #1
GP20 Loco #2726 (Life-Like w/MTL Paint, Couplers), Pepsi Cars #1,2,4,5
1502 D -C&I 4-Pack169.99Cambria and Indiana Bicentennial
SW9 Loco, 2 Hoppers, Caboose
1503 D -Smokey Bear
T/Top Set
179.99Smokey Bear Table Top Set: Atlas SD-35 (Catalog 985 10 003)
21260 Box, 55450 Hopper, 65460 Tank, 100100 Caboose
20096 D 2FEC 2105010.40Ble/Wte,Init+R/N L,"Speedway" Slogan RMay
20150 D 3PHD 130512.65Ble/Wte,Red,Large PH/D L, Port Huron & DetroitAug
20506 D 2WP 195314.15Org/Blk,R/N+Silver Feather L Oct
20516 D 1RF&P 283812.65BCR/Wte,Init+R/N L,"Links"+Map Hld RApr
20526 D 1MILW 3037110.40BCR/Wte,R/N L, Herald RJun
20536 D 1CIL 77810.40BCR/Wte, "Monon" L, Herald RMar
20670 D 2NYSW 50815.65Grn/Yel, Multicolor "Susie-Q"Jan
20780 D 5PRR 60312511.15BCR/White, R/N L, Shadow Keystone RDec
21020 D 2BAR 224514.30Red,White,Blue, State of MaineMay
21160 D 2NH 4500714.30Red,White,Blue, State of MaineOct
21270 D 1PC 12200016.95White/Multicolor Pepsi Series #11Dec
22040 D 11NP 871913.40Brn/Wte,Lg NP L,Lg Hld R Nov
22090 D 3NP 813314.15Grn/Wte,Lg NP L,Lg Hld R Dec
23070 D 4CN 58377612.00BCR/White,Green Doors,R/N L,"CN" R, IAN/IENMay
23130 D 2WAB 813011.25BCR/White,Flag Herlad L, R/N ROct
23160 D 2NYC 7009610.50BCR/White,Oval NYC System Herald L, R/M RJun
23250 D 1NP 38296
23252 Set
12.75BCR/Wte,Sm Hld L,Semicircle R/N RMar
23260 D 1DWC 582225 12.75BCR/White,Green Doors,Duluth, Winnipeg & PacificNov
23252 D -BN 4-Pack51.10See: 23250,44090,65470,105540Mar
25240 D 2B&M 8002312.75Blue/White,Black Door,R/N ROct
25600 D 1AN 703315.00Ble/Orange,Hld R,Apalachicola NorJan
25610 D 1SOU 55055521.00Ble,Yel,Grn/Wte, "200000th Car"Aug
27040 D 3ONT 740918.65Ble/Yel,Wte,Logo R,Ontario NorthlandApr
27280 D 1PGE 802714.15Gold,Alum/Blk,Wte,Hld R, Pacific Gr EasternMay
28100 D 2AA 7383511.25BCR/White, Rep Mks L, R/N RSep
28120 D 1CP 23010010.50BCR/White, R/N and Rep Mks LAug
28150 D 1CB&Q 2540212.00BCR/White, Burlington Route Hld L, Slogan on DoorDec
30020 D 2YW 2510514.30Dk Blue/Wte,Yreka WesternJan
31280 D 2CG 157214.15Blk,Sil/Blk,"Football" SchemeSep
31310 D 1NYC 9210113.40Ble/Wte,Experimental 1958 SchemeAug
32230 D 2CNW 15204311.90BCR/Wte, Employee Owned Hld RFeb
34040 D 4SP&S 31834012.80BN Green/Yel,Lg R/N RJan
34240 D 1ATSF 426014.30Pullman Grn/Gold, Express ca 1959Apr
34250 D 1ATSF 433614.30Dark Gray/ Lt Gray, Express ca 1964May
35010 D 3OSL 4785912.00Yel,Sil/Red,Union Pac/Oregon SLJan
35140 D 2SOO 2962810.50Brown/White, Road Name + Number LeftNov
38270 D 1(1)GN 3685711.90Sky Blue,Wte, 60's Outline Hld RSep
39200 D 1(2)MWWX 24514.05Grn/Yel,Menasha Wooden Ware Co.Apr
39210 D 1(3)UP 10074414.05BCR/Wte, Overland Hld RSep
41010 D 1UP 17077411.05BCR/Wte, Roadname & Rep Mks L Jul
41020 D 1LV 7900312.55BCR/Wte, Flag Herald L, R/N R Dec
42030 D 4MWR 102213.50Yel/B&W,Ball Jar on DoorJan
42060 D 3POTL 42514.25Wte/Blk,Multi,Potlatch/PresToLogsFeb
44040 D 6CP 300057 9.75Black/White, Roadname AcrossDec
44090 D 1CB&Q 93361
23252 Set
9.75BCR/Yellow, Rep Mks LMar
45070 D 4UP 58522 9.20Yel/Red,R/N+"Cushioned Load" CtrNov
45210 D 1D&H 16509 8.45BCR/Yel,R/M + R/N Center Feb
45220 D 1USN 61-07016 8.45Gray/Black, Rep Mks Center Jul
45230 D 1WP 1908 8.45Blk/Wte,Reporting Marks Left May
46050 D 2WP 661011.30Blk/Wte,Rep Mks L,Roadname AcrossAug
46250 D 2AC 71512.80Blk/Wte,Roadname Acr,Algoma CentralJul
49220 D 3NBRX 1218.95Yel/BCR,Multicolor, Narragansett AleJun
49440 D 2TUX 510118.95Green/Multicolor, Tivoli BeerOct
49450 D 2FBX 530121.95Yel/Red,Multi,Robin Hood BeerNov
49520 D 1NWX 860719.70Gray/Multi,Priebe Poultry/NW RefrigFeb
50100 D 9UP 324814.30Yellow/Red, Red Railings/Ladders,Nov
52010 D 1REX 787014.15Grn/Wte,Red,Railway Express 1950'sAug
52020 D 1REX 721514.90Grn/Wte,Red,Railway Express 1960'sSep
52030 D 1REX 408319.40Grn,Alum/Wte,Santa Fe Lease 1960'sDec
53710 D 1UP 26010019.35BCR/Wte, Reporting Marks L Jun
55450 D 1SBX 7200016.95Gray/Brn,"I Love Smokey" Acr, Smokey #4Jul
55460 D 1C&I 1776-----Black, Multicolor, 13 Star Flag
In 1502 C&I Set Only
54110 D 1MRL 6202014.70Ble/Wte,Rep Mks L,Montana Rail LinkMay
58550 D 1ARLX 1479616.50Yel,BCR/Blk,Armour ButterJan
58560 D 1PCEX 5850619.25Alum/Multi,Pepsi Series #8Jul
59550 D 1PCEX 5950519.25Ble/Multi,Pepsi Series #7May
59560 D 1MTL 200020.75Red,Grn/Multicolor, 2000 Holiday CarOct
62040 D 2RI 119713.10BCR/Wte, Roadname Across CenterApr
64010 D 10ATSF 29330413.95White/Black, Reporting Marks LeftJun
64060 D 1PC 6410 13.95Lt Ble/Dk Ble,Red,Pepsi Series #10Sep
65090 D 16SCCX 1100 18.00Yel/Blk,Red, Lg "SHELL" CtrJan
65450 D 1PC 6508 21.95Silver/Multi, Pepsi Series #4Jan
65460 D 1SBX 42000 19.95Red/White, Smokey's Tank Car Line (SB #2)Apr
65470 D 1SP&S 38023
23252 Set
16.50Black/White, Rep Mks LMar
65480 D 1TWOX 138317.25Black/White,"Flying A" R, Tidewater OilAug
66100 D 1SFTZ 90407815.80White/Blue, Flag R,ATSF BicentennialJun
67150 D 1BNZ 23788426.95Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Montana"Mar
67170 D 1PCZ (no #)9.95Dk Ble/Red, Wte, Pepsi Series #9Aug
67180 D 1BNZ 23783320.30Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Dallas"Oct
70070 D 2SFRC 179622.55Orange/Sil,Blk, Cir Cross Hld LFeb
77030 D 1ARR 801911.80BCR/Wte,Lg R/N L,Lg Hld R,Alaska RRMar
78080 D 1L&N 9993513.25BCR/Wte,Reporting Marks LJul
79030 D 1DM 344014.00BCR/Wte,Detroit & Mackinac Jan
79040 D 1DT&I X71716.25Grn,Blk/Yel,Company Service Jun
87020 D 1NKP 3332412.65Blk/Wte,Nickle Plate Road May
90020 D 1MTL 109015.65Blk/Yel, Wte, MTL 10th AnniversaryOct
92120 D 1SOU 9180119.15Gray/Black,Roadname Across CarOct
93040 D 3NCLX 4651224.40Orange,White/Blk, Wte, SclairDec
94170 D 1ROCK 80005621.40Ble/Wte,"The Rock" L, Large "R" RJul
94180 D 1BNSF 42050522.15BCR/Wte,Circle Cross Herald RSep
100030 D 2ATSF 99913121.10Red/Wte,Yel, Circle Cross LDec
100080 D 1PCEX 1000721.95Grn,Wte,Pepsi Series #6 Feb
100090 D 1MTL 200024.10White/Multicolor, 2000 Holiday CabooseNov
100100 D 1SBX X6200023.95Grn,Red/Multicolor, Smokey BearJun
100110 D 1C&I 56-----Red, White, Blue, Bicentennial
In 1502 C&I Set Only
103070 D 1NW 60454517.90Black/White, Runtogether NW LeftNov
104050 D 1UP 96097119.95Yel,Alum/Red,Blk,R/N L,Lg Shield RMar
105050 D 1BCOL 907715.10Grn/Wte,Hld+R/N R,Brit ColumbiaFeb
105540 D 1GN 72839
23252 Set
12.10Red/Wte,R/N Acr,Hld RMar
106040 D 2B&O 36252211.85Blk/Wte,Cap Dome Hld R, Alum Cover Sep
108010 D 1N&W 9274815.20Blk/Wte,Hld Top Left,R/N CenterApr
108010 D 2N&W 9275015.20Blk/Wte,Hld Top Left,R/N CenterApr
108012 D -N&W 2-Pack30.40See 108010 AboveApr
108020 D 1C&O 7894514.45Blk/Wte,"For Progress" Hld RJul
108020 D 2C&O 7894714.45Blk/Wte,"For Progress" Hld RJul
108022 D -C&O 2-Pack28.90See 108020 AboveJul
108030 D 1CR 48062515.20BCR/Wte,R/N + Sm Herald Top LSep
108030 D 2CR 48070915.20BCR/Wte,R/N + Sm Herald Top LSep
108032 D -CR 2-Pack30.40See 108030 AboveSep
108040 D 1PRR 18017615.20Black/White,R/M Mks+Yellow Dot L, Hld RNov
108040 D 2PRR 18018715.20Black/White,R/M Mks+Yellow Dot L, Hld RNov
108040 D 3PRR 18019315.20Black/White,R/M Mks+Yellow Dot L, Hld RNov
108042 D -PRR 3-Pack45.60See 108040 AboveNov
120220 D 1PCMT 1202414.95Blue,Multi,Pepsi Series #5 Feb
120230 D 1SAL 1490011.90BCR/Wte,Hld R,Orange Blossom SpecialMar
120240 D 1B&O 27638310.40BCR/Wte,Init L,R/N & Cap Dome Hld R Apr


(1) 38270 (Great Northern) is listed by M/T as a reprint of catalog 32020 issued in 1978. However, it's on a different body style (no roofwalk vs. with roofwalk on the original run).

(2) 39200 (Menasha) is listed by M/T as a reprint of catalog 42040 issued in 1977 and 1990. However, it's on a different body style (vertical vs. horizontal brake wheel on the original run).

(3) 39210 (Union Pacific) is listed by M/T as a reprint of catalog 42070 issued in 1975 and 1990. However, it's on a different body style (vertical vs. horizontal brake wheel on the original run).

* February Release date of the 1501 Pepsi Set #1 is my estimate based on MTL promotional material. It is not listed in the Micro-News, Short-Line or price lists during 2000.

Release # is based on my count of road numbers and major varieties of road numbers issued and may not match commercial guides.

Some Description abbreviations: "BCR" Box Car Red, "R"/ "L" Right/Left Side of Car, "Hld" Herald, "R/N" Roadname (Spelled Out), "Acr" Across (Entire...), "B&W" Black & White, "Multi" Multicolor, "RWB" Red, White & Blue.


The catalog number without the "-2" is the car with a Marklin coupler, with the "-2" is the car with the Micro-Trains coupler. Release Numbers have been added to the table based on the MTL Master Database. Items with a "D" following have been sold out and discontinued.

Sorry, UMTRR Archive Columns are no longer available for 2000 releases.
Catalog #s Rel
Rep. Marks Price $
Price $
with M/T
Description Rel
13621 D
13621-2 D
1 MTL 2000 20.95 22.6550 Foot Plug Door Box Car
Red,Grn/Multicolor, 2000 Holiday Car
13718 D
13718-2 D
1 ATSF 4260 17.75 19.4550 Foot Double Door Box Car
Pullman Grn/Gold, Express ca 1959
13719 D
13719-2 D
1 ATSF 4336 17.75 19.4550 Foot Double Door Box Car
Gray/Light Gray, Express ca 1964
13804 D
13804-2 D
3 ATSF 68645 14.50 16.20Despatch Stock Car
Grn/Yel, R/M L, R/N R
13810 D
13810-2 D
1 SP 73735 15.15 16.85Despatch Stock Car
BCR/Wte, R/M + Roadname L
13910 D
13910-2 D
1 CP 19442 12.50 14.1536 Foot Wood Box Car
BCR/Wte, R/N L, "Despatch" R
13911 D
13911-2 D
1 SP 33801 12.40 14.1036 Foot Wood Box Car
BCR/Wte, R/N L, SP Lines Hld R
14010 D
14010-2 D
1 ATSF 335 103.10104.75F-7 Diesel (Powered)
Blue/Silver, Black
14137 D
14137-2 D
2 DAFX 26475 13.80 15.5040 Foot Single Door Box Car
Blue/White, US Air Force
14138 D
14138-2 D
2 USAX 26479 13.80 15.5040 Foot Single Door Box Car
Olive Grn/White, US Army
14711 D
14711-2 D
4 SP 602 15.50 17.15Steel Caboose
14712 D
14712-2 D
3 ATSF 2000 16.25 17.95Steel Caboose
17009 D
17009-2 D
1 PRR 9648B 42.75 44.45F-7B Diesel (Unpowered)
Brunswick Grn/Yellow
17010 D
17010-2 D
1 ATSF (no #) 46.50 48.20F-7B Diesel (Unpowered)
Blue/Silver, Black