UMTRR Table of 1999 Releases
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This listing includes all cars included in regular release multi-packs and also calls out the multi-packs (italicized rows) and Special Editions. A D after the catalog # indicates that the item has been sold out and discontinued. (All 1999 releases have been discontinued.) Sorry, UMTRR Archive Columns are no longer available for 1999 releases.
Catalog # Rel # Reporting Marks Price $ Description Rel
15101 D 4DRGW 337513.85(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Scenic Route R Jul
15104 D 2F&CC 54015.15(Nn3 Car)BCR/Wte,Yel,Florence & Cripple CkFeb
15105 D 2D&SNG 341012.60(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Durango & SilvertonOct
15107 D 2EBT 15412.60(Nn3 Car)BCR/Wte,East Broad Top Aug
15111 D 1WP&Y 73412.60(Nn3 Box)BCR/Yel,Wte Pass & YukonMar
15112 D 1D&RGW 327014.50(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Speed Lettering RSep
20110 D 2D&RGW 6003510.00Sil/Blk,Red, Cookie Box May
20120 D 2TP&W 62011.50Grn/Yel,Red, Rocket L,Diamond RJan
20206 D 2CN 52199210.00BCR/Wte,Maple Leaf Herald R Jan
20400 D 2BM 7470611.50Blk/Wte,Unique Experim'l Hld R Jun
20406-2 D 2GN 2-Pk 29.75Expr Box 2-Pack,See 20406,20416Mar
20406 D 2GN 252814.50Grn/Yel, Round Rocky Herald R Mar
20416 D 2GN 251015.25Grn/Yel, Round Glacier Pk Hld RMar
20420 D 3GN 2716314.15Grn/Red,Wte, Waving Rocky + Hld LDec
20436 D 1CP 5102210.40BCR/Wte,Stepped R/N Right Jun
20436 D2CP 5102910.40BCR/Wte,Stepped R/N Right Aug
20436 D3CP 5105910.40BCR/Wte,Stepped R/N Right Oct
20436 D4CP 5109610.40BCR/Wte,Stepped R/N Right Dec
20446 D 2DAFX 26475 9.65Ble/Wte,US Air Force Jul
20456 D 2USAX 24679 9.65Olive Grn/Wte,US Army Jul
20466 D 1CGW 9336510.00BCR/Wte,Roadname Only L Feb
20476 D 1C&IM 1607316.00Grn/Wte,Red,Lg Init L,Hld R Feb
20486 D 1CIL 86116.75BCR/B&W,Monon"Hoosier Line"AcrFeb
20496 D 1RFP 2892 9.25BCR/Wte,Capital Cities Hld R Jan
20506 D 1WP 195214.15Org/Blk,R/N+Silver Feather L Aug
20680 D 3GN 3999614.50Jade Grn/Wte,Hld L,"Rocky" R Apr
20860 D 2M&StL 5415413.00Red/Wte,Lg Init L,Peoria Gateway RJun
21120 D 3CN 29015910.95Brn/Wte, R/N L,Maple Leaf Hld RMay
21230 D 2BCOL 800216.20Grn/Wte,R/N L,Flower Herald R Mar
21260 D 1SBX 199912.95Lt Brn/Blk,Smokey Bear Spec EdtnAug
24290 D 1RF&P 289211.25Ble/Wte "Linking N & S" Hld R Jan
25110 D 2NOPB 397817.25Org/B&W, New Orleans Public BeltSep
25160 D 2TASD 7814217.25Yel/B&W, Term Ry Ala State DocksSep
25520 D 2GVSR 76716114.55Ble/Yel,Red, Golden West Svc Mar
25590 D 1AD&N 975519.50Grn/Wte,Tree Hld R, Ashley Drew & NAug
27230 D 2SOU 584899 12.65BCR/Wte, Norfolk Southern Logo LNov
27260 D 1SOO 19369 13.75Red/Wte,Large R/N Across Car Apr
27270 D 1ATSF 56227 17.90Red & BCR/Wte,"Jeckyll & Hyde"Oct
31190 D 3NYC 17625213.75Jade Grn/Wte,Cigar Band Hld LMay
31192 D-NYC 3-Pack44.35See 31190,32250,34200May
32160 D 2SP 672925 12.65Brn,Yel/Wte,Hydra-Cushion L,R/N RAug
32190 D 2NH 40602 14.15Red,Blk/Wte,R/N L,Lg "NH" RNov
32250 D 4NYC 7892614.50Jade Grn/Wte,Cigar Band Hld RMay
32370 D 1RBBX 79468 16.75Grn,Yel/Wte,Hld R,Burl Refr Exp Apr
34200 D 4NYC 4705616.10Jade Grn/Wte,Cigar Band Hld LMay
34230 D 1KCS 2089912.35BCR/Wte, Southern Belle Hld R Jun
35070 D 4ATSF 68848 10.05Grn,Yel, Small Roadname Right Apr
37010 D 4CR 17460511.60BCR/Wte,R/N L,Wheel+Rail Hld R Jan
38260 D 1EFCX 287511.50Grn/Wte,Evergreen Freight Car Mar
39060 D 4ATSF 3869313.30BCR/Wte,Blk,Early Circle Cross RJul
39160 D 1C&NW 14220013.30BCR/Wte,Blk,Early Ball and Bar ROct
39180 D 1V&T 101511.35BCR/Wte, Virginia & Truckee May
39190 D1*MINX 104015.55BCR/Wte, Company Name L,3M Logo RNov
43060 D 3MC 6247510.85BCR/Wte,R/N L,NYC Lines Hld R Jan
44010 D 5GN 66029 9.30BCR/Wte,Roadname Center Feb
45050 D 3UP 57000 9.95Brn,Yel/Wte,Diff Slogans Opp Sides Aug
46040 D2D&RGW 5637913.55Org/Blk, Speed Ltr+Action Road RSep
46040 D3D&RGW 5638713.55Org/Blk, Speed Ltr+Action Road RSep
46040 D4D&RGW 5642313.55Org/Blk, Speed Ltr+Action Road RSep
46042 D -D&RGW 3-Pack40.65See 46040 AboveSep
47340 D 1PCEX 470218.95Blue/Blk,Multi, Pepsi-ColaŽ Series #2Nov
49330 D 2GSVX 100118.95Blue,Wte/Blue, Gerber Baby ProductsDec
49410 D 2URTC 9318716.95Yel/Blk,Red,Wte,Miller High LifeJun
49490 D 1NADX 268816.20Wte/BCR,Red,Blk, Pluto Water Jan
49500 D 1PFE 1476020.70Org/Multi,Cvd Corner+Script R/N Mar
49510 D 1WIF 72415.95Yel/Blk,Steamship R,West India FruitSep
55430 D 1C&I 197621.65Blk/RWB,Cambria & Indiana Bicent'lJul
56020 D 3FRDX 235012.65Yel/Blk, Ford Trademark ROct
56060 D 7PRR 22030612.10BCR/Wte,Circle Keystone Hld R Feb
58540 D 1WCLX 925916.70Org/Blk,Red,Wilson Car Lines Apr
59030 D 1ATSF 18845711.95Sil/Blk,Circle Cross Hld L, MOW Feb
65010 D6ATSF 10082316.50Blk/Wte, Rep Mks LJul
65010 D7ATSF 10088616.50Blk/Wte, Rep Mks LJul
65012 D -ATSF 2-Pack33.00See 65010 AboveJul
65070 D6TCX 681116.55Sil/Blk, Large "TEXACO" Across Apr
65070 D7TCX 685316.55Sil/Blk, Large "TEXACO" Across Apr
65072 D -Texaco 2-Pk33.10See 65060 AboveApr
65090 D14SCCX 110618.00Yel/Blk,Red,Large "SHELL" CtrOct
65090 D15SCCX 111418.00Yel/Blk,Red,Large "SHELL" CtrDec
65120 D 2MOBX 1113517.30Wte/Blk,Ble, 1950's Mobil Logo RMay
65440 D 1MTL 199921.75Gold, Green/Multi,Holiday CarOct
67120 D 1BNZ 23782919.25Wte/Multi, St. Louis Cityview Jul
67130 D 1BNZ 23785021.05Wte/Multi, St. Paul Cityview Aug
67140 D 1BNZ 23784520.30Wte/Multi, Denver Cityview Dec
68060 D 1SFTZ 22098714.00Wte/Blk,Red,BNSF Hld @ Tail Jan
69090 D 1PCEX 690115.95Yel/Multi, Pepsi-ColaŽ Series #1 Aug
69100 D 1PCEX 690317.95Yel/Multi, Pepsi-ColaŽ #3 (Holiday) Dec
75050 D 1USLX 47620.20Red,Yel/Multi, Canfor BicentennialDec
77040 D 1USN 61-0514611.05Gray/Blk, United States NavyJul
78090 D 1CB&Q 4850013.45BCR/Wte, Burl Route+ WOZ/EW SgnJun
79010 D 1PRR 48302 13.25Oxide Red/Wte,Cir Keystone R Nov
79020 D 1NP 39610 16.25BCR/Wte, SemiCir Roadname R Dec
92010 D 2GTW 31506519.90Ble/Wte, R/N L, Large Hld RNov
92110 D 1MRL 901619.15Gry/Blk,Ble,Montana Rail Link L Jan
94140 D 1SOO 11914522.85Gry/Blk, 1997 CP Beaver Hld R Feb
94150 D 1SOO 7346523.60Gry/Grn,Blk,Yel, "Colormark" Mar
94160 D 1GN 17174721.40Gry/Blk,Red,Grain Loading,Hld RSep
102020 D 2UP 96086122.40Yel,Alum/Multi, UP Shield L,Auto Rwy RNov
102050 D 1WP 376716.00BCR/Wte,Lg R/N L, Lg "WP" R Feb
102070 D 1NS 46567715.25BCR/Wte,Med "NS" Herald L Apr
103040 D 1MILW 429516.75Yel/Blk, R/N R, Slogan R Jun
103050 D 1ATSF 3757220.15BCR/Wte, Rep Mks L Aug
104030 D 1UP 96095814.30BCR/Wte, Sm Shield Herald R May
104040 D 1CR 21672216.20BCR/Wte, R/N & Herald R Oct
105510 D 1RI 395811.35BCR/Wte, Rep Mks L, Herald Ctr Aug
105520 D 1NKP 4480112.10Blk/Wte, Roadname Hld R Sep
105530 D 1SLSF 5151212.10BCR/Wte, FRISCO Roadname R Nov
106050 D 1DT&I 950414.85Blk,Yel/Yel, Init & Herald CtrOct
120010 D 1RDG 101999 9.25BCR/Wte, Roadname, Number R May
120020 D 1CNJ 21567 9.25BCR/Wte, Lg Liberty JCL Hld R Jun
120030 D 1LNE 848414.15Blk/Wte, Lg Init L,"Fried Egg"RAug
120040 D 1MEC 553011.90Grn/Yel, Lg Pine Tree Hld LSep
120210 D 1B&O 272500 9.65BCR/Wte, Roadname RDec

* 39190 (3M Company) is listed by M/T as a reprint of catalog 42520/42090 issued in 1975. However, it's on a different body style (vertical vs. horizontal brake wheel on the original run).
Note: Release # is based on my count of road numbers and major varieties of road numbers issued and may not match commercial guides.

Some Description abbreviations: "BCR" Box Car Red, "R"/ "L" Right/Left Side of Car, "Hld" Herald, "R/N" Roadname (Spelled Out), "Acr" Across (Entire...), "B&W" Black & White, "Multi" Multicolor, "RWB" Red, White & Blue.


The catalog number without the "-2" is the car with a Marklin coupler, with the "-2" is the car with the Micro-Trains coupler. Release Numbers have been added to the table based on the MTL Master Database. Items with a "D" following have been sold out and discontinued. (All 1999 releases have been discontinued.)

Sorry, UMTRR Archive Columns are no longer available for 1999 releases.

Catalog #s Rel
Rep. Marks Price $
Price $
with M/T
Description Rel
13515 D
13515-2 D
1USN 61-0514613.85 15.5050' Single Dr Box Car
Gray/Blk,United States Navy
13804 D
13804-2 D
2ATSF 68642 14.50 16.1540' Despatch Stock Car
Grn/Yel, Sm Roadname R
13717 D
13717-2 D
1KCS 20899 15.80 17.4540' Double Dr Box Car
BCR/Wte, Southern Belle R
13909 D
13909-2 D
1GTR 17084 13.15 14.8040' D/S Wood Box Car
BCR/Wte,"Grand Trunk" L
14006 D
14006-2 D
2*WP (No #) 97.60 98.35F-7 Diesel (Powered)
Silver, Orange/Black
14009 D
14009-2 D
1PRR 9648 99.00100.60F-7 Diesel (Powered)
Brunswick Green,Yellow
14105 D
14105-2 D
3P&LE 20375 14.80 16.1540' Single Dr Box Car
BCR/Wte,Hld L,Slogan R
14106 D
14106-2 D
2PRR 603120 13.85 15.5040' Single Dr Box Car
BCR/Wte,Shadow Keystone R
14140 D
14140-2 D
1SP 97947 15.15 16.8040' Single Dr Box Car
Blk/Yel,Red "Overnights"
14141/2 D
14141-2-2 D
1WP 1952
WP 1953
32.90 36.20(2 Pk)
40' Single Dr Box Car
14303 D
14303-2 D
5UP 65239 10.30 11.9540' Gondola
14418 D
14418-2 D
1MTL 1999 16.10 17.7539' 1 Dome Tank Car
Green, Gold/Multi, Holiday Car

*Reported by Bob McAllan as being a price increase notice, not a reprint announcement. Without a road number it's hard to tell!