UMTRR: The Fine Print (Legal and Privacy Policy)
©1996-2015 George J. Irwin. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy: Pretty simple... I, the webmaster, don't collect any personal information on this site. Period. Any "cookies" or anything else you receive from here, or on your way here to the site, has nothing to do with me or my efforts and is not incorporated anywhere in the code I have written for this site. I'd like to hear from you if you suspect anything afoot because I'll bring it up with my provider. In addition, when you subscribe to the UMTRR, I donít share your name or e-mail address with anyone. My distribution list doesn't live anywhere on the Internet, just on my PC and backups. I have two reasons for requiring your full name for signup: (1) It makes my ISP more comfortable with this being a true opt-in list (2) I like to know to whom I am sending the UMTRR.

Legal Stuff: Following are my guidelines on the Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report that I'd like my readers to follow. These points include both the website and the subscription-only (or "mainstream") UMTRR column which is sent by e-mail, to varying degrees, of course.

1) First, feel free to share the UMTRR with non-'netted friends, but please don't try to use it commercially. I own the copyright in this work and the use of this information in derivative works is prohibited except by my permission. In a nicer way: I don't derive any income from the UMTRR and I'd feel a little funny about it if someone else did. A couple of folks have asked if they can include excerpts in club newsletters and that's OK by me as long as you let me know and give me proper copyright credit.

However, reposting of any part of this work anywhere on the Internet including discussion groups is not permitted. This includes compilation of data such as the "Approximate Time Period" into tables or online databases.

2) This information is supplied "as is." No warranties are express or implied in any of this information. Remember, the UMTRR is free... and worth about that much...

3) Please, please, please let me know if there is a change to the e-mail address to which I send you the UMTRR! Whenever an e-mail address becomes invalid, I get a bounce message and the entire text back... ouch! Or worse, the e-mail goes into a cyber-black hole and I never find out; and then you're wondering what happened to your copy of the UMTRR.

If, when I send out the UMTRR to you, it does bounce back with an "unknown user" or similar type of message that indicates that your E-mail address has changed, I will suspend you from the list (unless I realize that I typed your E-mail address in wrong!). Bounce errors like "server timeout" are usually given the benefit of the doubt for a couple of tries.

4) I don't distribute my e-mail list to anyone. If you're like me, you get enough unsolicited e-mail already. I also don't allow "for sale" items in my column, with the exception of special runs commissioned by actual UMTRR subscribers with their permission. And cookies are for eating, not storing on PCs. If you got one along the way to the site, it wasn't from me!

5) I heartily encourage readers to send in any additions or corrections to any of the data in the UMTRR. I put it in the "Incremental Information" section of the column and give you a credit unless you specifically ask me not to. If my error is aggregious enough, I also change the archive version of that column as well.

6) Unfortunately, time no longer permits me to answer questions about Micro-Trains that come from non-subscribers. I would suggest trying one of the many N Scale discussion venues on the 'net. Questions from folks who don't subscribe to the UMTRR will most likely not be answered or acknowledged.

And most importantly...

7) Enjoy and happy reading!