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This page contains listings and images of Atlas locomotives that were available in different parts of the world other than North America during the first generation period (1967 - 71). So far, I only have information from a 1969/70 Australian catalog kindly furnished by Jim Talbert and from a 1971/72 Swedish catalog that Ola Ahlstrom generously posted on the Yahoo A1G website. The lists will include only those locomotives other than the American prototype models as these are covered elsewhere although Atlas did make all the American releases available to other countries as well. There is even one American prototype steam locomotive that was sold, it seems, everywhere else BUT the United States! This is the #2187 B&O 0-4-0 that is a cousin to #2185 0-4-0 locomotive with tender. It actually represents the 0-4-0 with tender at an earlier period before the B&O modified 3 of them by adding the tender and removing the tank around the boiler.

The additional representations of European prototypes were made by Rivarossi or Mehanotehnika and listed in Atlas/Rivarossi catalogs.

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Atlas # Description Image
2187 B&O class C16 Tank Switcher
2190 0-6-0 Tank Switcher
2191 Italian D341 BO+BO Diesel Electric
2192 German Type V 160 Diesel
2193 German DB 4-6-2 "Pacific" BR 10
2194 German V-60 Six-Wheeled Diesel Hydraulic
2195 Belgian Six-Wheeled Diesel Hydraulic
2196 Italian E444 Eight-Wheeled Electric
2197 French SNCF 4-6-2
2198 German DB 0-8-0
2199 Italian 0-8-0

Note that #2190 0-6-0 appears to be the same loco as the US release #2169 0-6-0 with the addition of buffers, two "ditch" lights, and red drivers. Also, #s 2194 and 2195 appear to be the same loco merely decorated for the different railroads.

Here is a picture, supplied by Blaine Bachman, of the real production #2196 Italian E444 locomotive rather than a drawing of the prototype:

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