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This page includes images of some miscellaneous documentation pertaining to Treble-O-Lectric trains either from Lone Star themselves or other sources. Some of these images are pretty large and may take a while to load but I have visited too many websites with images of pages with printing on them and you can't read the printing! Not much sense to that, in my opinion. Please click on the thumbnail picture for a full sized view.

The Treble-O-Lectric "Lube Tag" attached to all Treble-O-Lectric locomotives.

Front side:


There was an earlier version and, although the second side was the same, the first side merely said, "LONE STAR THIS MODEL MUST NEVER BE OILED OR GREASED"

Treble-O-Lectric Hand Operated Points Instructions:


Lone Star Treble-O-Lectric Colour Catalogue ca. 1961. Note early illustrations of the Transcontinental Series without roadnames. This one happens to have come from International Models in New York City as indicated by the stamp on the front and back covers.

Cover:              Page 1:        Pages 2&3:  

Page 4:      Pages 5&6:    Back Cover:  

A page from a 1963 Lone Star catalogue showing the Gulliver County items available. This was kindly furnished by Geoff Ambridge, son of one of the founders of Diecast Machine Tools Ltd.

Can anyone see any resemblance of any of the buildings to the one in the photograph here?  

This photograph was also furnished by Mr. Ambridge. Does anyone know if any of the other structures were based on actual buildings? Note also that this catalogue page was before the release of the Twin Falls station which has a catalogue number that is not consecutive with the rest (#1340).

* For an explanation of the photo, go to the bottom of the page.

The Treble-O-Lectric Instruction Manual included in all Treble-O-Lectric train sets. Note that on page 8 it instructs never to lubricate anything. Evidently, Lone Star's position regarding this issue changed after printing of the manual. Hence, the later "Lube Tag" Also note the upside down photograph under the "ASSEMBLY OF TRACK" heading on page 5.

I remember my older brother thinking it hilarious to not read the "DONT'S" before the rest of the sentences in the DON"T section of the "DO'S AND DON'TS" on page 11 making these sentences read like "DO'S" also. I didn't see it as all that humorous!

Cover:       Pages 2 and 3:       Pages 4 and 5:  

Pages 6 and 7:             Pages 8 and 9:  

Pages 10 and 11:       Back Cover:        

Early 1960s Gamages of Holborn, London Catalogue Pages. Thanks to Allan Crowe for these. 

Page 8:      Page 9:     Page 10:      Page 11:

Montgomery Ward 1962, 1963 and 1964 Christmas Catalogue Pages. A very big thanks to Allan Crowe who's images he sent has allowed me to put the 1962 pages here and have cleaner pictures of the 1963 pages, free of fold marks and tape!

1962 Page 354:                1962 Page 355:  

1963 Page 296:                 1963 Page 297:                  1964 Page 328:  

Here is an alternate 1964 version of Montgomery Ward pages sent by Allan: I can only assume that Wards released different versions of their Christmas catalogue in different areas.

1964 Page 266:                1964 Page 267:         

Montgomery Ward Suggestion Pages included with Treble-O-Lectric Train Sets:

Page 1:                       Page 2:                          Page 3:   

Special Notice included in Montgomery Ward Treble-O-Lectric Train Sets (anybody remember mimeographs?):


Montgomery Ward Instructions for the Deluxe Expanded Polystyrene Layout available in 1963 - 64 (including my handwritten note at the top indicating the layout size):

Page 1:                       Page 2:                  Page 3 (Diagram):  

Note that there are some errors in the diagram above. It is indicated that a full curve track is to be placed in the upper loop between the overpass and the half curve right before the railway bridge at the front of the layout. In fact, this must be a half curve. The Shop with Car Park is indicated to be in Ward's 48T 3020 set of buildings when it was actually in the 48T 3019 set. The Two Storey House which Wards calls "House with Pool" is shown as being in a 3018 set. It was in the 3019 set. There was a catalog number 48T 3018 but it consisted of track pieces, incline trays, and incline piers to complement existing track in completing the track circuit on the layout. This set was not listed separately but was included with the 48T 3026 layout board. Finally, although the footbridge and signal box were included in the 48T 3017 "Deluxe Train Set", it would have been better to indicate that they were in the 48T 3043 set.

Two International Models advertisements, one from early 1963 and the other circa 1964. At the top right of each image is a photograph reproduction of Mr. Stuart Goss' Treble-O-Lectric layout that he used for promotional purposes. Mr. Goss was the inventor and developer of Lone Star Locos, Treble-O-Lectric, and Treble-O-Trains.



August 1965 International Models Order Form. It is dated 1964 on the first page but appended to Aug. 1965 at the end of page two. The only additions were the last three items on page two.

Page 1:          Page 2:  

January 15, 1965 International Models Special Sale Flyer:  

Page 1:              Page 2:  

March 1966 Special Introductory Sale from Mitch and Bob's Hobby after they took over when International Models closed. Bob "Treble" O'Toole was also involved with International Models.

Page 1:              Page 2:  

* Yes, the Gulliver County #1320 Inn is based on an actual structure located at Bell Bar, near Hatfield Herts. It is now a pub named "Cock 'o' the North." Thanks to Clive Gehle who originally brought this to my attention and to Geoff who corrected me on the actual location (I originally had it at Potters Bar).

If I come across any other documents, I will add them to this page. If anyone else has any documentaion that is not pictured above and would like to share it, please contact me for inclusion here: Thanks.

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