UMTRR Table of 2001 Releases
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This listing includes all cars included in regular releases including multi-packs and Special Editions. Items marked with a "D" are sold out and discontinued. (All 2001 items have been discontinued).

The "2001 Month by Month" table here provides images of most releases.

Sorry, UMTRR Archive Columns are no longer available for 2001 releases.

Catalog # Rel # Reporting Marks Price $ Description Rel
1504 D--Pepsi Set #2179.99Pepsi Set #2: GP-20 Loco (Road #2728)
Plus Cars:21270, 59550, 65450, 100080
1505 D--Hershey's Set #1169.99Hershey Set #1: GP-20 Loco (Road #2001)
Plus Cars: 21280, 65510, 106060, 100120
1506 D--Evergreen Express
"Collector's Set"
129.99GP-20 Loco (Road #1201)
Plus Cars: 44100 Flat, 74060 Box, 77070 Box, 100140 Caboose
1507 D--Evergreen Express
"Modeler's Set"
199.99Same as 1506 with track, powerpack etc.Nov
20060 D 6ATSF 14358212.65BCR/Wte, Grand Canyon Line/MapJan
20146 D 2RUT 10015.65Yellow/Green, R/N L, "Green Mtn" Herald RMar
20170 D 6CB&Q 6294412.80Red/White, Lg R/N L, Burlington Route Hld RNov
20220 D 2*MEC 821711.15Green/Yellow, Large "MEC" L, Med Hld RMar
20256 D 2B&O 46609616.40Alum,Blue/Multi, Sentinel ServiceJan
20546 D 1CP 490110.40Alum,Maroon, Mail Service in Pass TrainsMar
20556 D 1NH 3683317.05Black, Orange Door,Details/White, Large "NH" LNov
20566 D 1RI 2003912.80Pullman Grn/Gold, "Route of the Rockets" L, Herald RDec
21100 D2*SOU 50560313.05BCR/White, "Green Light" Slogan L, "Southern Serves The South" RDec
21210 D 2NP 9859316.55Green/White, Yellow, Herald+Slogan RJun
21270 D 2#PCEX 12200116.95White/Multi, Pepsi #11,
1504 Set Only
21280 D 1HFC 201118.95Brown,Gold/Gold,Red,Hershey's #2Apr
21280 D 2#HFC 201218.95Brown,Gold/Gold,Red,Hershey's #2,
1505 Set Only
22030 D 5UP 11001512.80BCR/Yellow,Lg R/N L, "Be Specific" Slogan RAug
23030 D 3SSW 4643512.00BCR/White,R/N L, Blue Streak Herald RJun
24240 D 2GM&O 2158711.65Red/White,Multi, Roadname L,"Wings" Hld RJan
25040 D 3CIRR 9006817.25Gray/Black, Red, Blue, Chattahoocee Industrial RRJun
25320 D 2NdeM 10275513.50BCR/White, National Rwys of MexicoApr
27070 D 3GN 13870617.05Sky Blue,Silver/White, R/N L, Lg '67 Outline Hld RAug
27072 D -GN 3-Pack51.15Great Northern Box, See 27172Aug
27070 D 4GN 13871717.05Sky Blue, Silver/White, R/N L, Lg '67 Outline Hld RAug
27070 D 5GN 13873817.05Sky Blue, Silver/White, R/N L, Lg '67 Outline Hld RAug
32090 D 3*RBBX 7941811.15Green/White, Large "BREX" L, Burl Refr ExpressJun
32100 D 3ARR 1172812.80Yellow/Black, R/N L, Mckinley Nat'l Park Hld RNov
32380 D 1SP 67022513.65BCR/White, Yellow/Black "DF" L, Large Roadname RDec
33020 D 2RF&P 245813.50Blue/White, Links + Map Herald RApr
33140 D 1CP 4920114.55BCR/White, R/M Left, Script R/N RightNov
34260 D 1ATSF 1000016.25Pullman Green/Gold, Grand CanyonOct
34262 D 1ATSF 5-Pack81.25"Chicago to LA" Express Box Cars, Name TrainsOct
34270 D 1ATSF 1005516.25Pullman Green/Gold, ScoutOct
34280 D 1ATSF 1008916.25Pullman Green/Gold, El CapitanOct
34290 D 1ATSF 1013516.25Pullman Green/Gold, Super ChiefOct
34300 D 1ATSF 1019716.25Pullman Green/Gold, The ChiefOct
35050 D 1CP 27693212.00BCR/White, R/M L, R/N ROct
35080 D 5ATSF 5065211.25BCR/White, Rep Mks (Only) LJul
35150 D 1N&W 3300011.25BCR/White, Rep Mks L, Small Roadname RApr
38190 D 2CN 40123215.35BCR/White, R/N and R/M L, Large Herald RSep
38280 D 1UP 49016420.15Yellow,Silver/Multi, Lg Hld L, "Auto Railway" RFeb
39130 D 2RUT 604312.55BCR/White, R/N + Number L, Whippet Slogan R, RutlandSep
40010 D 1CN 58259312.55BCR/White, R/N + Rep Mks LJul
41030 D 1GN 3807614.25BCR/White, R/N L, Forward Facing Goat Hld RNov
42020 D 3ASRX 44911.25White/Blue, Domino Sugar Logo LApr
42080 D 4*GN 2487212.00BCR/White, Glacier Park+Side Facing Goat Hld RJul
44060 D 4ATSF 90822 9.75BCR/White, Rep Mks LApr
44090 D 2CB&Q 9337411.15BCR/Yellow, Rep Mks LAug
44100 D 1#Evergreen Express
No Rep Marks
10.30Red/White, 2 Christmas Trees,
1506/1507 Sets Only
45010 D 3ICG 905126 9.80Orange/Black, R/M L, Roadname AcrossNov
45060 D 2D&RGW 23019 9.20BCR/White, R/M L, Speed Lettering Herald RFeb
45140 D 3PRR 470165 9.80BCR/White, R/N + Number LSep
45160 D 2WM 2645 9.80BCR/White, R/M L, Fast Freight Hld RNov
45240 D 1MK&T 3554
9.20Blk/Wte,Missouri-Kansas-Texas of TexasMar
46360 D 1FP X121053
Smokey Bear
15.95Bright Grn/White, Smokey Bear #5 (MOW #1)Mar
46370 D 1RDG 9631615.40Yellow/Green, Large R/N Acr, MOW SchemeNov
46380 D 1LV 3704813.70Green/White, Rep Mks L, Roadname Across, Diamond Hld CtrDec
47060 D16PFE 1919519.85Orange,BCR/Blk, SP and UP Heralds ROct
49010 D 3CRLX 295420.60Yellow,BCR/Multicolor, Old Dutch CleanserSep
51060 D 2*SP&S 72421.80Red,Black/Wte,Hld+Slogan Left,R/M RMar
51120 D 2*CB&Q 1411615.80Red,White,Burlington Hld LApr
52040 D 1ACL 304218.65Purple, Silver, Yellow/White, ACL/REAJun
52050 D 1SFRD 503318.50Orange/B&W, Large Herald L, "Ship & Travel" Slogan RAug
53710 D 2UP 26011419.35Brown/White, Reporting Marks LJul
53720 D 1TCAX 70006124.20Gray/Black, Red, Centex Logo RSep
54080 D 1GVSR 45900316.20Blue/Yellow, Golden West Service Hld RJun
54120 D 1ACL 7859515.70Black/White, Reporting Marks (only) CenterDec
55100 D 7CRR 5170313.40Black/White, "Clinchfield" AcrossMay
55100 D 8CRR 5172213.40Black/White, "Clinchfield" AcrossMay
55102 D -CRR 2-Pack26.80Clinchfield 2-Pack, See 55100 AboveMay
55150 D 3CP 35402514.25Black/White, Block Lettering Roadname AcrossDec
56320 D 1DL&W 8220914.25Black/White, Road of Anthracite Herald RSep
57070 D4*C&O 5546314.25Black/White, R/M L, R/N CenterOct
58570 D 1PCEX 5801221.95Silver/Multi, Pepsi "It's Worth A Dime" (Pepsi #12)Feb
58572 D -Pepsi 2-Pk #143.90Pepsi and Pete #1 and #2, See 58570,58580Feb
58580 D 1PCEX 5801321.95Silver/Multi, Pepsi "But It Costs A Nickel" (Pepsi #13)Feb
59050 D 1GH 50121.95Yellow,Silver/Multicolor, Popsicle (Popsicle #1)Jul
59060 D 1GH 60123.95Yellow,Silver/Multicolor, Fudgsicle (Popsicle #2)Aug
59070 D 1GH 70123.95Yellow,Silver/Multicolor, Creamsicle (Popsicle #3)Sep
63010 D 3GTW 14543113.90BCR/Wte, Rep Mks L, Small Herald RDec
65230 D 2PRR 49865117.25BCR/Wte, Roadname+Number L, Company ServiceJan
65390 D 2MRL 10001619.50Blue/Wte, Herald L, "Flying W" RFeb
65450 D 2#PC 650321.95Silver/Multi, Pepsi #4,
1504 Set Only
65490 D 1HJMX 600217.25Grn/Wte, Champion Oils/Sterling FuelsMar
65510 D 1HFC 301124.95Gold/Maroon,Gold, Hershey's #3Jun
65510 D 2#HFC 301224.95Gold/Maroon,Gold, Hershey's #3
1505 Set Only
65520 D 1SCCX 30520.25Black,White, Large Red/Yellow Shell Logo RApr
65530 D 1BCOL 192421.75Grn/Wte, Herald R, British Columbia RwyMay
65540 D 1FP X101259
Smokey Bear
20.95Green/White, Multicolor Icon R, Smokey Bear #7 (MOW #3)Jul
67160 D 1BNZ 23790720.30Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Fort Worth"Mar
67190 D 1BNZ 23787520.30Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Memphis"Jul
67200 D 1BNZ 23780122.50Wte/Multi, BN Cityview "Seattle"Dec
69110 D 1Snoboy 101 18.80Dark Blue/Light Blue, Snoboy Device RJan
69112 D--Sno 2-Pack38.35Snoboy/Snomaid, See 69110,69120Jan
69120 D 1Snomaid 102 19.55Light Blue/Dark Blue, Snomaid Device RJan
69130 D 1PCEX 6901421.95Blue/Red, Pepsi & Pete R, P&P#3, Pepsi #14May
69140 D 1PCEX 6901523.95Blue/Red, Pepsi & Pete R, P&P#4, Pepsi #15Sep
69150 D 1NPMX 15215.80Silver/Black, NP Herald + Slogan RJun
69152 D -NPMX 3-Pack47.40Northern Pacific Refr, See 69150Jun
69150 D 2NPMX 15415.80Silver/Black, NP Herald + Slogan RJun
69150 D 3NPMX 15615.80Silver/Black, NP Herald + Slogan RJun
71520 D 6TTX 252722 18.70Yellow/Black & White, Logo CenterMay
71530 D 1DRGW 10501921.45Red/White, Reporting Marks (only) LDec
73010 D 1ATSF 22640 17.60Brown/White, Large Circle Cross L, Large R/N RNov
74050 D 1FP X12645
Smokey Bear
14.95Green & Alum/White, Smokey Bear #6 (MOW #2)May
74060 D 1#Evergreen Express
No Rep Marks
13.90Red/White, Green Garland, Red Bows,
1506/1507 Sets Only
75060 D 1USLX 474 20.20Red,Blk,Yel/Multi, Canfor "Red Shakes"Jul
75070 D 1WSOR 50313514.55Red/White, Sm Hld L, Wisconsin and SouthernSep
76040 D 1*UP 170456 16.50BCR/White, Shield Hld L, "We Can Handle It" RMay
77070 D 1#Evergreen Express
No Rep Marks
18.50Green/White, Green Garland, Red Bows,
1506/1507 Sets Only
79050 D 1VGN 6200014.00BCR/White, Hld L, Roadname R, VirginianFeb
86030 D 1C&O 13013.40Alum/Blk, Roadname AcrossJul
92130 D 1CNW 17507221.40Gray/Black, UP Shield + "We Will Deliver" RJan
92140 D 1BCAX 520.65Yellow/Blue,Blue Circle CementApr
92150 D 1HFC 610123.95Maroon/Silver, "Hershey's Cocoa" Ctr, Hershey's #5Nov
100080 D 2#PCEX 1000421.95Green/Multi, Pepsi #3
1504 Set Only
100120 D 1#HFC 401222.95Brown/White, "Hugs", Hershey #4,
1505 Set Only
100120 D 2HFC 401122.95Brown/White, "Hugs", Hershey's #4Aug
100130 D 1GH 90129.85White,Blue,Red,Yellow/Multi, Popsicle #4Oct
100140 D 1#Evergreen Express
No Rep Marks
22.80Red, Green/No Lettering, Green Boughs, Red Bow,
1506/1507 Sets Only
102080 D 1GTW 38460617.05Blue/White, R/N and R/M L, Large Herald RSep
105060 D 1ATSF 20852210.60Alum/Black, R/M L, Maintenance of WayFeb
105070 D 1WM 5800413.80Chessie Blue/Yellow, R/M L, Chessie Sys R/N RAug
105080 D 1N&W 9886314.65Black/White, "Hamburger" Hld L, Roadname AcrossDec
105550 D 1IC 24510212.10Black/White, R/M L, 1990's Herald RFeb
106060 D 1HFC 101116.95Maroon/White, "Kiss" R, Hershey's #1Feb
106060 D 2#HFC 101216.95Maroon/White, "Kiss" R,
1505 Set Only
106210 D 1GN 73818 14.10Red/White, Roadname Acr, Herald RJan
108050 D 1SBD 34134519.70Black/Red,Yel, Seaboard SystemJan
108050 D 2SBD 34145719.70Black/Red,Yel, Seaboard SystemJan
108052 D -SBD 2-Pack39.40See 108050 AboveJan
108070 D 1MTL 200120.50Black/Multi, "Santa's Coal" 2001 Holiday CarNov
109010 D 1PRR 47001113.95BCR/White,Roadname+Number CenterFeb
109020 D 1NYC 49899613.20Black/White,Small NYCS Hld L, Rep Mks CtrMay
109030 D 1N&W 7099914.70Black/White,Rep Mks L, Small R/N RJul
110010 D 1ACFX 8728121.95Black/White,Rep Mks LAug
110020 D 1ADMX 2986621.95Black/White,Blue ADM Logo ROct
110030 D 1SHPX 20402724.50Black/White,Orange, "MacIntyre Fuels" Logo RDec
120250 D 1SAL 1819812.80BCR/White,Red, Silver Meteor L, Heart Hld RAug
120510 D 1WIF 10611.90BCR/White,Round Hld R,West India Fruit & SteamshipApr
98510005 D 1FP X658
Smokey Bear
79.95Green/White, Fire Prevention GP20 DieselJul
98510008 D 1Pepsi 272379.95Silver/Black, Modern Pepsi "Sphere" Logo, GP20 DieselDec

*A "not a reprint" dissimilar from original run(s), see listing for specific car.
# Item is part of a Special Edition set (e.g. Evergreen Express) and not officially available from MTL as a single release (some dealers may break up sets).

Release number is based on my count of road numbers and major varieties of road numbers issued and may not match commercial guides.

Some Description abbreviations: "BCR" Box Car Red, "R"/ "L" Right/Left Side of Car, "Hld" Herald, "R/N" Roadname (Spelled Out), "Acr" Across (Entire Car), "B&W" Black & White, "Multi" Multicolor, "RWB" Red, White & Blue.

Trademarks are property of their respective owners.


The catalog number without the "-2" is the car with a Marklin coupler, with the "-2" is the car with the Micro-Trains coupler. Items with a "D" following have been sold out and discontinued.

The "2001 Month by Month" table here provides images of most releases.

Sorry, UMTRR Column Archive entries are no longer available for 2001 releases.
Catalog #s Rel
Rep. Marks Price $
Price $
with M/T
Description Rel
12001 D
12001-2 D
1 UP 147160.95 62.60 F-7A Unpowered Loco
13101 D
13101-2 D
1 PRR 34261012.25 13.95 50 Foot Gondola, F/B Sides, Drop Ends
Tuscan Red/White
13102 D
13102-2 D
1 NYC 71510611.40 13.10 50 Foot Gondola, F/B Sides, Drop Ends
13103 D
13103-2 D
1 MTL 2001 15.95 17.65 50 Foot Gondola, F/B Sides, Drop Ends
Black/Multi, 2001 Holiday Car
13104 D
13104-2 D
1 ATSF 20852210.7512.45 50 Foot Gondola, F/B Sides, Drop Ends
Aluminum/Black, MOW Car
14402 D
14402-2 D
3 ATSF 10093812.70 14.40 39 Foot Tank Car
14403 D
14403-2 D
3 UTLX 73355 12.05 13.75 39 Foot Tank Car
14408 D
14408-2 D
3 SP 6017512.70 14.40 39 Foot Tank Car
14505 D
14505-2 D
4 UP 5154710.10 11.80 40 Foot Flat Car
14711 D
14711-2 D
5 SP 608 16.25 17.95 Steel Caboose
14715 D
14715-2 D
2 GN X62 17.55 19.25 Steel Caboose
14716 D
14716-2 D
1 UP 2512117.55 19.25 Steel Caboose
17001 D
17001-2 D
1 UP 1476B45.2046.90F-7B Diesel (Unpowered)
Yellow, Gray/Red
17008 D
1 GN (No #) 41.9543.65F-7B Diesel (Unpowered)
Green, Orange "Empire Builder"