UMTRR Table of 1998 Releases
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This listing includes all cars included in regular release multi-packs and also calls out the multi-packs (italicized rows). A D after the catalog # indicates that the item has been sold out and discontinued. (All 1998 releases have been discontinued.) SOURCE: Micro-Trains official information through "Updated As Of Date" above. Sorry, archive columns are not available for 1998 releases.
Catalog # Rel # Reporting Marks Price $ Description Rel Month
15102 D 2SPC 47813.85(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Sunset Route L Jun
15106 D 2C&S 822214.50(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Colorado & Southern Aug
15108 D 1C&N 102614.50(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Colorado & North WesternSep
15109 D 1V&T 101313.25(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Virg & Truckee Oct
15110 D 1MSR 50013.25(Nn3 Box)BCR/Wte,Montana Southern Dec
20010 D 4GTW 51677110.75BCR/Wte, Maple Leaf Hld R Dec
20029 D 7NH 3514310.75BCR/Wte, Blk Door, Script Hld LOct
20039 D 4N&W 5304510.00BCR/Wte, 60's Circle Herald L Jun
20047 D 4NYC 159000 9.25BCR/Wte, Oval Herald R Mar
20058 D 5RI 2745913.75BCR/Wte,Alum Roof, Herald R Nov
20060 D 3ATSF 14358510.75BCR/Wte,Map,Grand Canyon Line Feb
20062 D 4SOU 23489 9.25BCR/Wte,Lg R/N L, Lg Herald R May
20070 D 5UP 19057610.00BCR/Yel,Lg R/N L,Slogan R Sep
20080 D 5SP 10504510.00BCR/Wte,B&W SP Circle Hld R Apr
20216 D 1SP&S 11046
22102 Set
10.00BCR/Wte,Lg Init L, Herald R Mar
20326 D -B&M 2-Pack19.25See: 20326,20336May
20326 D 1B&M 75720
20326 Set
9.25BCR/Wte,Minuteman Herald R May
20360 D 3EL 7311310.00Gry/Maroon,Lg R/N L,Diamond Hld RSep
20426 D 1MTC 74015
20326 Set
10.00BCR/Wte,M/Man Hld R,Mystic Term'lMay
20446 D 1DAFX 26477 9.25Ble/Wte,US Air Force Jul
20456 D 1USAX 24678 9.25Olive Grn/Wte,US Army Jul
20550 D 1CN 42865012.25BCR/Wte, Yel Wheat Leaf Device L Jul
20850 D 2SP&S 1221810.00BCR/Wte,Lg Stepped Initials L Jul
21220 D 1MTL 1000 9.45Brn/Yel,Red,Route of Magne-MaticsJun
22100 D 1CB&Q 41465
22102 Set
11.50Red/Wte,Lg R/N L, Herald R Mar
22102 D -BN 4-Pack48.85See: 20216, 22100, 32200, 55420Feb
24280 D 1CN 44621412.75BCR/Wte,Yel,"Manitoba"+Logos R Jan
25380 D 2BH 2510512.30Burgundy/Wte, Bath & HammondsptAug
25580 D 1AN 558916.80Yel/Ble,Hld R,Apalachicola NthnDec
29060 D 3CB&Q 1110612.35BCR/Wte,Herald,Slogan on Doors Feb
31150 D 2WAB 2154410.75BCR/Wte,R/N L,Heart/Flag Hld RJul
31160 D 2WM 3400510.00Ox Red/Wte,"Speed" R/N Acr Car Jan
31290 D 1WP 303013.75Org/Blk,Sil,Feather R/N Acr CarFeb
31300 D 1RI 11001211.50Grn/Wte, "No Damage" L, Hld R Apr
32060 D 4SLSF 624411.50Yel/Blk,Frisco Hld L,"Ship It"RMay
32200 D 1NP 97732
22102 Set
13.75Grn/Wte,Yel,R/N L,Hld+Slogan R Mar
32220 D 1D&RGW 6081013.75Org,Sil/Blk, Speed Ltr Herald RJun
32360 D 1MR 34659916.00Ble/Multi,Model Railroader 65thDec
33060 D 1SSW 4807112.30BCR/Wte, Blue Streak Hld R Jul
34010 D 3B&O 28804110.85DkBle/Yel, Chessie Sys "Cat" R May
35020 D 4GN 5525610.05Red/Wte, Roadname L Dec
38230 D 1HAMX 3122116.75Ble,Wte/Multi, Hamm's® BeerOct
38240 D 1UP 49291517.50Yel/Blk,Red"We Can Handle It" RAug
38250 D 1CP 8078115.25Grn/B&W,CP Rail Multimark @ EndSep
42010 D 3STARK 2410.80Wte/Blk,Bear Logo L,Stark TreesJan
45070 D 3UP 58527 8.85Yel/Red,R/N+"Cushioned Load" CtrDec
45200 D 1BN 612765 8.85Grn/Wte,Roadname Center Sep
46170 D 2NYC 71510610.85BCR/Wte, Rep Mks L, Oval Hld R Jun
49470 D 1URTC 1013414.70Yel/Blk,Red,Land O Lakes ButterJan
49480 D 1MACX 330017.70Yel/BCR,Blk,Parrot Potatoes Apr
51010 D 2CP 43505316.70BCR/Wte,Script Style Roadname LAug
53010 D 2BN 62446918.70Grn/Wte,R/N Acr Car May
55060 D 2GN 7347612.85BCR/Wte,1950's Goat Hld Ctr Sep
55150 D 2CP 35403712.10Blk/Wte,Block Ltr R/N Acr Car Feb
55410 D 1CP 35411612.10Blk/Wte,Script Ltr R/N Acr Car Mar
55420 D 1GN 73579
22102 Set
13.60BCR/Wte,Glacier Pk Goat Hld CtrMar
56090 D 6WM 1080112.10Oxide Red/Wte, Circle Hld R Dec
56270 D 1PRR 14016212.10BCR/Wte,"Coal Goes To War" R Oct
58510 D 1SRL 1944
58512 Set
15.95Yel/Blk,"Swift Premium Ham" AcrNov
58512 D -Swift 3-Pack47.85See 58510, 58520, 58530 Nov
58520 D 1SRL 18527
58512 Set
15.95Yel/Blk,"Swift Prem. Bacon" AcrNov
58530 D 1SRL 2464
58512 Set
15.95Yel/Blk,"Swift Silverleaf" Acr Nov
59040 D 1PRR 49835011.20Sil/Blk,R/N L,Ice Service Apr
59530 D 1URTX 7272217.20BCR/Wte,Logo R,Black Hills PackFeb
59540 D 1URTX 7552417.20Ble/Blk,Logo R,Amer Beef PackrsJul
65060 D13UTLX 8535
65062 Set
15.80Blk/Yel,Rep Mks L,Union Tk Car Oct
65060 D14UTLX 8539
65062 Set
15.80Blk/Yel,Rep Mks L,Union Tk Car Oct
65062 D -UTLX 2-Pack31.60See 65060 AboveOct
65350 D 2RDG 9098515.80Grn/Yel,Rep Mks L,Reading Jan
65430 D 1ROX 67018.80Blk/Wte,Eagle Logo,Richfield Sep
67110 D 1BNZ 23789520.75Wte/Multi,Kansas City Trailer Jul
72210 D -DT&I 9009219.40Org,Blk, No ContainersNov
74020 D 1CP 3589321.45Org,Blk,Wte,Mandarin Orange ExpJun
74030 D 1GN 664611.70Sky Ble/Wte,R/N L,Modern Goat RMay
74040 D 1CP 28560611.70Alum/Blk,Red, Script CP Left Jul
74040 D 2CP 28560811.70Alum/Blk,Red, Script CP Left Aug
74040 D 3CP 28560211.70Alum/Blk,Red, Script CP Left Oct
74040 D 4CP 28560511.70Alum/Blk,Red, Script CP Left Nov
75010 D 2ARR 1081213.05Dk Ble/Yel,R/N L,Hld R, Alaska Aug
76030 D 1ATSF 4963314.55BCR/Wte,Shock Ctrl,Cir Cr Hld RMay
78070 D 1C&O 27218914.95Dk Ble/Wte,"C&O For Progress" RApr
90010 D 1RI 8950012.10BCR/Wte,Roadname Across Car Jan
92090 D 1CNW 175586
92102 Set
19.15Gry/Blk, "Empl Owned" Hld Ctr Jun
92100 D 1CNW 96706
92102 Set
19.15Grn/Yel, "Empl Owned" Hld Ctr Jun
92102 D -CNW 2-Pack38.30See: 92090, 92100 Jun
93040 D 2NCLX 4651823.60Org/Blk,Wte, "Sclair" Ctr Dec
93050 D 1WP 1183222.10Gry/Blk,Squ Feather River Hld RSep
94070 D 2BLMR 101822.85Grn/Blk,Multi,"The Grain Train"Aug
94110 D 1BNSF 42203320.60Grn/Wte,"Circle Cross" Hld L Jan
94120 D 1UP 9080222.85Gry/Blk,Hld+"We Will Deliver" RMar
94130 D 1PMLX 101125.10Brn/Multi,Logo R,Prairie Malt Nov
100060 D 1BN 1146217.45Grn,Yel/Wte, Large Herald L Apr
102010 D 2DT&I 2591216.00Grn/Yel,Large Initials R Feb
102040 D 1NW 60500016.00Blk/Wte,Large 70's NW Left Jul
102060 D 1MTL 199817.50Ble/Multi,Holiday "Snowball Exp"Nov
103010 D 1D&RGW 6389218.25BCR/Wte,Lg Hld, "Action Road" RApr
103020 D 1CR 22343516.75BCR/Wte, Roadname L, Herald R Jun
103030 D 1ATSF 3757518.25BCR/Wte, Circle Cross Herald L Aug
104010 D 1GTW 38406314.30Ble/Wte,Lg Hld,"Good Track Rd"ROct
105020 D 1PRR 37661110.15Ox Red/Wte,Circle Keystn Hld R Jan
105030 D 1B&O 35106510.15Blk/Wte,R/N L, Cap Dome Hld R Feb
105040 D 1SCL 13053110.15Blk/Yel,Initials Ctr, Hld R Mar
106010 D 1NH 6200512.10Oxide Red/Wte,R/N L,Hld R Sep
106020 D 1UP 22960612.85Brn/Yel,R/N Across, Brn Cover Oct
106030 D 1C&EI 8200512.85Brn/Wte,R/N Across, Alum Cover Nov
106040 D 1B&O 36250611.35Blk/Wte,Cap Dome R, Alum Cover Dec

Note that release numbers are based on my count of road numbers and major varieties of road numbers issued and may not match commercial guides.
Some Description Abbreviations used are: "BCR" Box Car Red, "R" or "L" Right/Left Side of Car, "Hld" Herald, "R/N" Roadname (Spelled Out), "Acr" Across (Entire...), "B&W" Black & White, "Multi" Multicolor.


The catalog number without the "-2" is the car with a Marklin coupler, with the "-2" is the car with the Micro-Trains coupler. Release Numbers have been added to the table based on the MTL Master Database. Items with a "D" following have been sold out and discontinued. (All 1998 releases have been discontinued.) SOURCE: Micro-Trains official information through "Updated As Of Date" above. Sorry, archive columns are not available for 1998 releases.

Catalog #s Rel
Rep. Marks Price $
Price $
with M/T
Description Rel Date
12008 D
12008-2 D
1 GN 268B 61.60 63.25Unpowered F-7 Diesel
Grn/Org "Empire Builder"
13620 D
13620-2 D
1 MTL 1998 17.75 19.4050' Plug Door Box
Ble/Multi Holiday Car
13630 D
13630-2 D
1 MR 346599 19.05 20.7050' Plug Door Box
Ble/Multi MR 65th Anniv
14402 D
14402-2 D
3 ATSF 100945 11.55 13.2039 Foot Tank Car
Black/White, R/M L
14008 D
14008-2 D
1 GN 268A 97.90 99.55Powered F-7 Diesel
Grn/Org "Empire Builder"
14137 D
14137-2 D
1 DAFX 26477 13.20 14.85Single Door Box Car
Ble/Wte, US Air Force
14138 D
14138-2 D
1 USAX 24678 13.20 14.85Single Door Box Car
Olive Grn/Wte, US Army
14139 D
14139-2 D
1 CGW 93365 13.85 15.50Single Door Box Car
BCR/Wte,Chic Grt Western
14408 D
14408-2 D
2 SP 60170 11.55 13.20One Dome Tank Car
Blk/Wte,Lg Roadname L
14409 D
14409-2 D
2 GATX 62540 11.55 13.20One Dome Tank Car
Blk/Wte,Logo L,Dow Chem
14417 D
14417-2 D
1 GN X-1153 11.55 13.20One Dome Tank Car
Blk/Wte, Rep Mks Only L
14502 D
14502-2 D
4 ATSF 90826 9.65 11.30Flat Car
BCR/Wte, Rep Mks Only L
14504 D
14504-2 D
4 PRR 470168 9.65 11.30Flat Car
BCR/Wte, Roadname Center
14507 D
14507-2 D
1 GN 66212 9.65 11.30Flat Car
BCR/Wte, Roadname Acr
14508 D
14508-2 D
1 BN 612765 9.65 11.30Flat Car
Grn/Wte, Roadname Center
14715 D
14715-2 D
1 GN X52 16.80 18.45Center Cupola Caboose
Red/Wte,Goat Hld+Slogan