UMTRR Subscription Request
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To request a subscription to the UMTRR, please email me your full name and e-mail to which I should send the UMTRR to me at the following address:

with one of these subject lines only:
"UMTRR Subscription Request" for a new subscription request.
"UMTRR E-mail Change" for a change of e-mail address (current subscribers only). Please include your full name and your current and new e-mail addresses.

Note that I will not read or reply to your message if "UMTRR" isn't in the subject; my SPAM filter automatically trashes everything else.

Yes, in order to receive a subscription, your full (first and last) name is required along with your e-mail address (not your home address). I don't share this information with anyone and it is not stored anywhere on the Internet. This helps me establish with my ISP that I am running an "opt-in" list and not a spamming operation. Don't want to share your name? Sorry, but I will not approve your subscription.

Special Note: Due to their excessive over-zealous filtering policies (how do I really feel?), I cannot in any way guarantee delivery to AOL, CompuServe or Excite addresses. I also strongly recommend not using a corporate (work) e-mail as company servers tend to block my e-mails without warning (and you could also be violating your company's information systems policies). Please use an alternate address. I have not had any recent issues with Google Mail (gmail) or Yahoo, all of which offer free e-mail accounts. Also, I will not resubscribe you using addresses that were previously blocked; this prevents disappointment and frustration on both our parts. While I've ended my "embargo" of new subscriptions to HOTMAIL or MSN e-mail addresses, I still strongly recommend requesting a subscription using a different choice of e-mail. Microsoft's blocking of Hotmail and MSN still occurs from time to time, unpredictably.

You must be able to receive blind copies to get the UMTRR; this is to protect the privacy of my subscribers.

After I receive your request, you'll receive a "Welcome to the UMTRR" message attached as a PDF file. The UMTRR is delivered via PDF so if you can open and read the welcome message you should be all set to receive the UMTRR.

I batch process subscriptions so it make take up to 2 to 4 weeks to get a response, depending on my work and travel schedule. Lately that's meant replying on Saturdays. If the "Welcome" message bounces, though, you won't be subscribed.

You'll start receiving the full-length UMTRR as it is released, including items not available in the archive versions posted to the UMTRR website. This is usually before the tenth of the month but can vary with my travel schedule. You'll also receive occassional "UMTRR News Flash" bulletins as appropriate.

Unfortunately, time no longer permits me to answer questions about Micro-Trains that come from non-subscribers. I would suggest trying one of the many N Scale discussion venues on the 'net. Questions from folks who don't subscribe to the UMTRR will most likely not be answered or acknowledged.

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